Obey obey obey

symbol-767Big brother would like to take a minute of your precious time to remind you to obey, obey, obey.
Don’t think, don’t ask why and don’t stop and ponder, just obey, obey, obey Continue reading “Obey obey obey” »

Broken dreams

symbol-766This is not how I thought life would be.
I thought I’d have this and that by now. Continue reading “Broken dreams” »

No shortcuts here

symbol-770If you think that there is a shortcut to the truth, you are wrong.
There is only one way and that is through your own heart. Continue reading “No shortcuts here” »

Not creative at all

symbol-764You can shout your truth from the top of the world if you like,
But that doesn’t mean anybody will listen. Continue reading “Not creative at all” »

Ego mania

symbol-763You are the whole of your world.
You are the person that annoys you most. Continue reading “Ego mania” »

Fairy tales

symbol-762Where is the beautiful world that you thought you were born into.
It doesn’t exist. Continue reading “Fairy tales” »

The great pretence

symbol-761The more you pretend, the further you drift from your own truth.
The more you deny responsibility for the whole of your life, the harder it is to understand your reality. Continue reading “The great pretence” »

Totally unpredictable

symbol-760Make the unexpected choice.
Go for the unrehearsed dance. Continue reading “Totally unpredictable” »

The madness surrounds

symbol-759You are not getting away with it.
Every little indiscretion, every little greedy choice, every little mean comment, is adding up against yourself. Continue reading “The madness surrounds” »

Practise 5 times

symbol-758The mathematics of escalating numbers.
If you do something once, it is not memorable. Continue reading “Practise 5 times” »

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