Without any guarantees

symbol-803Your mind should be a giant hall with room for the infinite to burst forward and play.
It should be a grand place where new and creatively imaginative plans can play out possible futures. Continue reading “Without any guarantees” »

A broken mind

symbol-734Just before you die, it’s too late to think about what you believe.
It’s too late to think about what could have been or what you should have done. Continue reading “A broken mind” »

Dumb if you don’t

symbol-738As you get older you should grow into your unique weirdness.
You should be allowing your true heart to express its individuality more and more as the years go by. Continue reading “Dumb if you don’t” »

Masters and the masses

symbol-783You only ever fight yourself.
Your world is full of you. Continue reading “Masters and the masses” »

Mind bogglingly big

symbol-802Your mind is your life.
This is where it all comes from. Continue reading “Mind bogglingly big” »

The art of


The art of surprise

Life can be mundane, repetitive and predictable.
Sometimes a little lift is needed. Continue reading “The art of” »

Woven worlds

symbol-799This world was once only an idea.
An idea being entertained in the mind of one solitary being. Continue reading “Woven worlds” »

You are your enemy

symbol-798When you die, you will be confronted by yourself.
It might look as if your favourite saviour or your pet saint has come to meet you. Continue reading “You are your enemy” »

The sun keeps shining

symbol-797The earth is held together with some basic and irrefutable rules.
It is spherical, it spins at a certain rate, gravity is the glue that stops it flying apart. Continue reading “The sun keeps shining” »

When does it end?

symbol-796When will enough be enough and the whole world collapses?
It will never end because this reality exists within the infinite as an eternal construct. Continue reading “When does it end?” »

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