Humanity has gone mad

symbol-739This is the whole truth without religious mysticism, greedy capitalism or frantic emotionalism.
This is the truth without any frills, without any bullying and without any demands. Continue reading “Humanity has gone mad” »

Need to know

symbol-737Imagine how much simpler your life would be if you only had information as you needed it.
Imagine if your heart was like an infinite internet. Continue reading “Need to know” »

Many fuzzy worlds

symbol-736There are many worlds spinning off every possibility every single moment.
However, they only last as long as the energy that was put into their creation through mental consideration. Continue reading “Many fuzzy worlds” »

Expecting a chicken

symbol-735You can spend a lifetime searching for the truth.
You will probably come across it many times but you won’t realise it. Continue reading “Expecting a chicken” »

They threw the pilot out

symbol-733Most people prefer to suffer through a life that they dislike rather than make a change.
Change frightens people, even though it is an intrinsic part of life. Continue reading “They threw the pilot out” »

Boxy little world

symbol-732Your mind will not allow things to exist that don’t have an anchored structure to the earth.
Your mind works on logic, rationality and demands that life in this world conforms to the structured rules that you believe in and love. Continue reading “Boxy little world” »

The hole is getting deeper

symbol-731Most people can never be satisfied.
They always want more, better, faster or newer. Continue reading “The hole is getting deeper” »

The inward spiral

symbol-730The consequences of a rushed lifestyle can be disastrous.
When you are driven by responses to the outer world, you end up in a disastrous feedback loop. Continue reading “The inward spiral” »

Heart over head

symbol-729How can you safely choose between heart and head?
How do you know the difference? Continue reading “Heart over head” »

Misguided pleasures

symbol-728Everything you ever searched for in this world, was only a symbol for an answer that already lies in your heart.
Everything you want to own is only a symbol of your innermost desire to release your heart and to fulfil your life. Continue reading “Misguided pleasures” »


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