Fragility not sensitivity

symbol-707Sensitivity is different to fragility.
Most people are not sensitive like they imagine, they are fragile! Continue reading “Fragility not sensitivity” »

The mists of ignorance

symbol-706Rigidity is your downfall.
Refusing to change your mind, is your prison. Continue reading “The mists of ignorance” »

An empty bucket

symbol-705Imagine a million roomed mansion filled with treasures, treats, insights and wonders from forever.
Continue reading “An empty bucket” »

The Impossible Dream

symbol-704What is it that you would love to dream of but are too afraid?
There are many things. Continue reading “The Impossible Dream” »

Beware the cold machine

symbol-703Be careful that you don’t exchange your heart for a mechanical contrivance. Continue reading “Beware the cold machine” »

The sold-out

symbol-702The key to worldly power is heartlessness.
If you want to rule the world, you have to start by forsaking your heart. Continue reading “The sold-out” »

A sphere not a string

symbol-701If you could imagine living without knowing the concept of time, life would appear much differently to what you see right now. Continue reading “A sphere not a string” »

The artists

symbol-700The painter twists the world he envisions, to give a new perspective and another way of seeing.
The musician plays with the rhythm of life and simplifies a select part of its complexity to show the wonder in his selection. Continue reading “The artists” »

Alcohol won’t help

symbol-699Intent, unrelenting focus, defined intention, unyielding direction, you need this as a foundation for action.
This is your direction and purpose in life. Continue reading “Alcohol won’t help” »

Let the darkness shine

symbol-698The darkness is nothing to be afraid of.
The darkness as humanity sees it, is simply lack of light from this reality. Continue reading “Let the darkness shine” »

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