Uncountable realms

symbol-725The problem is, until now I believed that I was a single consciousness.
I am starting to see other possibilities. Continue reading “Uncountable realms” »

Peanut on the ocean

symbol-726You are not good or bad.
You cannot be categorised or put into a box. Continue reading “Peanut on the ocean” »

Consider a rainbow

symbol-724A strange idea is crossing the vast deserts of my mind like a winter dweller trying to cope with the dry, unfriendly heat of a hungry, empty land. Continue reading “Consider a rainbow” »

The eternal darkness

symbol-723The darkness is not evil, something to be feared.
Nor is it hiding all manner of scary monsters. Continue reading “The eternal darkness” »

Vital essence

symbol-722A misty damp day, hazy and grey mists cover the land.
The light rain politely finds its way down the stems of the blooming flowers. Continue reading “Vital essence” »

A billion years

symbol-721You are a billion years old.
Only by earth standards of course. Continue reading “A billion years” »

Not a good creator

symbol-720Existence is an unseen pattern.
It is a hidden structure, a silent intelligent design. Continue reading “Not a good creator” »

Surprise endings

symbol-719200 stories
If you only write one short story, you will probably be pleased and possessive of it. If you write 20, you will be looking forward to writing more. If you write 200, it will only be natural to write, for that’s what you do. No big deal. Continue reading “Surprise endings” »

What’s the cost?

When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.
You are free to take risks and to be adventurous. Continue reading “What’s the cost?” »

Billions of unbelievers

symbol-717You are narrow-minded, a bigot and an unbeliever.
You have been trained since birth not to believe anyone or anything that does not comply to the rigidity of the system that you live within. Continue reading “Billions of unbelievers” »

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