Hand-feeding a crocodile

symbol-712Don’t plan a dead future.
Don’t let worry and fear dictate your dreams. Continue reading “Hand-feeding a crocodile” »

Another someone else

symbol-711What’s wrong with being what you are?
Is it really necessary to pretend that you are more? Continue reading “Another someone else” »

A horse and white ribbon

symbol-710You cannot suddenly be aware that you are an infinite something because you don’t believe that it is possible.
Your own beliefs force you to live within the rules that you created through believing in them. Continue reading “A horse and white ribbon” »

Take care where you stare

symbol-709Everything is trivial, equal, uninteresting but your mind magnifies whatever captures your attention.
The world is impossibly small but your mind has turned it into a monster. Continue reading “Take care where you stare” »

An unthinking robotic moron

symbol-708You are too specific.
Everything in your life rotates around structure. Continue reading “An unthinking robotic moron” »

Fragility not sensitivity

symbol-707Sensitivity is different to fragility.
Most people are not sensitive like they imagine, they are fragile! Continue reading “Fragility not sensitivity” »

The mists of ignorance

symbol-706Rigidity is your downfall.
Refusing to change your mind, is your prison. Continue reading “The mists of ignorance” »

An empty bucket

symbol-705Imagine a million roomed mansion filled with treasures, treats, insights and wonders from forever.
Continue reading “An empty bucket” »

The Impossible Dream

symbol-704What is it that you would love to dream of but are too afraid?
There are many things. Continue reading “The Impossible Dream” »

Beware the cold machine

symbol-703Be careful that you don’t exchange your heart for a mechanical contrivance. Continue reading “Beware the cold machine” »

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