symbol-822This is the last post in this series. I discovered 2 simple words: ABSOLUTE FREEDOM . You can read over 100 new posts on this site and its associated sites.

The book ‘How to Break Reality’ is available on Amazon in 4 parts. It’s current format in PDF with almost 3000 pages is too impractical. Continue reading

symbol-820There are no secrets.
There are no sacred paths, nor is there knowledge reserved only for a selected elite.
You don’t have to pay to belong to any special group to learn about life. Continue reading

symbol-818Nothing from the outer world can ever satisfy you.
You might be pleased with something for a little while but there is always an underlying restlessness and the pleasure soon passes. Continue reading

symbol-816Unless you have the whole of life freely available to use as your imagination sees fit, you are not free.
Freedom is not just having enough money to do what you want. Continue reading

symbol-814Your mind is constantly assailed with stories, opinions, rules and odd experiences.
These things often conflict in your mind with old information that you have already absorbed. Continue reading

symbol-813A lifetime of searching for understanding.
I thought I was searching for truth but many years ago, I discovered that it is a relative term and truth is personal only meaningful for each individual. Continue reading

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