Reality is not true

symbol-658There is more than one earth but there is not one particular one.
Earth is not a reality, it is a dream, a virtual reality, a shadow of your mind. Continue reading “Reality is not true” »

An angry flea

symbol-657So I come from the future, no big deal, so have others.
Most have drowned in the negative swamp of the ego. Continue reading “An angry flea” »

A river around the corner

symbol-656A time traveller does not remember the fact.
Like when you awake from a long and interesting dream, how quickly you forget. Continue reading “A river around the corner” »

A venus flytrap

symbol-655Everything is something else.
Every living thing on this planet has had infinite freedom stolen. Continue reading “A venus flytrap” »

Your transient truth

symbol-652Life is transient.
Nothing is fixed. Continue reading “Your transient truth” »

In front of a firing squad

symbol-654If your body is not in good health, your life is much more difficult.
If your bad health is due to neglect, then you have consciously chosen to forfeit the opportunity to sail through life in a sound vessel. Continue reading “In front of a firing squad” »

Instant happiness

symbol-653Life is about the basics.
It is about love and relationships. Continue reading “Instant happiness” »

Fluttering angelic beings

symbol-651When you die, your thoughts don’t die with you.
They are you. Continue reading “Fluttering angelic beings” »

The golden oldies

symbol-650There are other ways of doing things than how you do them.
There are always alternatives that have not been discovered as yet. Continue reading “The golden oldies” »

A 3-ringed circus

symbol-649You are unnecessarily complicated.
Everything you do is made more difficult by your own mind. Continue reading “A 3-ringed circus” »


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