Rubber-band brain

symbol-795You are severely limited by your humanness.
Your senses limit you to see, hear and feel only what you expect to experience. Continue reading “Rubber-band brain” »

Fine and a little cloudy

symbol-794The more something is repeated, the more real it becomes.
The more often you do anything, the more definite and real that thing is in your life. Continue reading “Fine and a little cloudy” »

Gone on prove it

symbol-793How do you prove the importance of the intuition?
How do you demonstrate simply and irrefutably that the intuition is the vital truth of each being? Continue reading “Gone on prove it” »

So so jealous

symbol-792Humanity is largely ego driven.
This is naturally its downfall. Continue reading “So so jealous” »

It never stops

symbol-791You are dreaming all day, every day, not just when you sleep but all of the time.
Even though you believe you are in a physical world thinking and doing practical things, at the back of our mind, your dreams continue. Continue reading “It never stops” »

The faulty puzzle

symbol-790Solving the puzzle of life is the core of living on this world.
Billions of people try and solve it and at best, billions merely place a few odd bits together. Continue reading “The faulty puzzle” »

Fuzzy edges

symbol-789As I look out into my world, I see trees, a bay, the sky and a few houses.
I assume that these items are true because they are each clearly defined in my vision. Continue reading “Fuzzy edges” »

Nothing really happens

symbol-788Your life is made up of a series of issues, surprises, conflicts and disasters.
To you, these things are upsetting distractions to daily living. Continue reading “Nothing really happens” »

Information abounds

symbol-787Information is in everything on this planet.
This world is seething with abundant life and vigour. Continue reading “Information abounds” »

The greatest possible escape

symbol-786There is no escape from this life, even after death.
You cannot hide from your problems, they are an integral part of you. Continue reading “The greatest possible escape” »

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