A sphere not a string

symbol-701If you could imagine living without knowing the concept of time, life would appear much differently to what you see right now. Continue reading “A sphere not a string” »

The artists

symbol-700The painter twists the world he envisions, to give a new perspective and another way of seeing.
The musician plays with the rhythm of life and simplifies a select part of its complexity to show the wonder in his selection. Continue reading “The artists” »

Alcohol won’t help

symbol-699Intent, unrelenting focus, defined intention, unyielding direction, you need this as a foundation for action.
This is your direction and purpose in life. Continue reading “Alcohol won’t help” »

Let the darkness shine

symbol-698The darkness is nothing to be afraid of.
The darkness as humanity sees it, is simply lack of light from this reality. Continue reading “Let the darkness shine” »

Cosy Heart

Cosy heartIt’s never cold inside. Continue reading “Cosy Heart” »

Way to my Heart

way to my heartThe way to my heart is simple. Continue reading “Way to my Heart” »

Laughter and Happiness

Laughter and happinessLaughter and happiness are not luxuries, they are necessities in life. Continue reading “Laughter and Happiness” »

Two choices that’s all

symbol-697The road is not complicated.
It’s simple. Continue reading “Two choices that’s all” »

A loaded gun

symbol-696Your intuition is your long forgotten cosmic intelligence.
Your brain functions with memory and associations. Continue reading “A loaded gun” »

The healer and the hacker

symbol-693How far back can you remember?
Possibly isolated events as a 3 or 4 year old? Continue reading “The healer and the hacker” »


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