Information abounds

symbol-787Information is in everything on this planet.
This world is seething with abundant life and vigour. Continue reading “Information abounds” »

The greatest possible escape

symbol-786There is no escape from this life, even after death.
You cannot hide from your problems, they are an integral part of you. Continue reading “The greatest possible escape” »

An uncomfortable illusion

symbol-785You often hear claims that this world is an illusion.
Convincing arguments are spoken and everybody is happy. Continue reading “An uncomfortable illusion” »

The gate keeper

symbol-784You don’t have any freedom while you listen to your ego.
It automatically drags you down into a pit of despair, while telling you how wonderful you are. Continue reading “The gate keeper” »

Now you have a problem

symbol-782You are not an individual.
You are a part of a group mind that broke away. Continue reading “Now you have a problem” »

Its not always pretty

symbol-781Life as you see it, is wearing a mask.
You have been fooled into thinking that she is nice. Continue reading “Its not always pretty” »

One plus one

symbol-780One plus one only equals two in this limited, bigoted, narrow physical realm.
The truth is stranger than what you have been led to believe. Continue reading “One plus one” »

The cosmic punch

symbol-779Seek the wild thing, turn away from the mild thing.
You don’t have to settle for sensible and uninteresting. Continue reading “The cosmic punch” »

Eternal odd thing

symbol-777Within the infinite everything already exists.
Maybe it hasn’t been manifested on some world as yet but it has always existed and it always will. Continue reading “Eternal odd thing” »

Blind to the obvious

symbol-776Sometimes the obvious is the most difficult to see.
It’s not because it’s hidden from you by a sneaky god who wants you to work to become the spiritual elite. Continue reading “Blind to the obvious” »

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