symbol-129I am in a spaceship, a huge living space.
It’s size can’t be measured.
The further I search, the deeper it goes.
It is a living extension of myself.
There are rooms, corridors, closed doors, locked doors.
Windows of strange shapes, look into other worlds, some into other realities.
Ancient, grand spaces filled with dust and memories so old, urge me to investigate.
Slick, shiny surfaces beg to be touched, they hold answers to futures not even revealed as yet.
It is like a castle with endless rooms and levels, all different, some beckoning, some shunning.
It is a floating, endless adventure, waiting to be unfolded.
Some parts are beautiful beyond description, others too awful to describe.
It changes, flexes, adjusts as I travel it’s endless paths.
Sometimes I see gaping holes, then I might discover a mighty hall with towers so tall, I can’t see the tops.
It is an unceasing wonder, a treasure chest of unexpected delights, but careful, some might bite.
My ship is a consciousness, a living intelligent, infinite consciousness.
It is my infinite consciousness, my eternal awareness.
It has a name, a secret name, a true heart that is like it’s mission, it’s purpose.
No matter where I go, what I experience, how I act, this name is always my character, my underlying motivation, my urge to express something unique.
Every ship is an infinite consciousness with a true heart, a secret name.
Sometimes I meet other space vessels floating freely in the infinite.
We touch, if it’s uncomfortable, we part.
Sometimes it’s familiar and for a brief time we interspace, we briefly share existence.
Then we move on, or perhaps dissolve on, merge on, shift to some other where and time.
There are some ships who are special to me.
They are always, somehow sharing aspects of this existence with me.
They are like songs that sing in harmony with my song.
They are always there with me, some where, some time, in some space.
We meet when we will and it is always a joy.
We share and love the truth of each others hearts.
We often share experiences, visit worlds, join together to live another reality for a short time.
Once we saw a beautiful blue and green world.
It is called earth.
We were promised that this world would provide contrasts and unpredictability, circumstances like we had never experienced before.
It is a world of endless adventures extreme.
It was a challenge.
We submitted to it.
We were born.
We forgot the spaceship.
We forgot everything.
We are trapped in this world because we forgot.
I am starting to remember now.