symbol-134Heroes only exist in your mind.
In real life, your heroes are not different to you.
They have problems, disagreements, disappointments, fears and secrets.
They have good days and bad days, just like you do.
What you see in others that you admire, desire or aspire to, you probably already have, waiting to be exposed through a little practice and determination.
Look at your heroes and think about what it is, that attracts you to them.
Most of the heroes in the media were invented.
They are products of corporations and cunning considerations, by boards of directors.
They were contracted and taught how to act, what to say and told where to go.
They are not true people, they are actors but not acting from the heart.
They are acting as they are told to act.
They are egos on the loose.
They are slaves to a system that pays well but dangerously inflates egos.
The system will only support them while there is a profit to be made.
Most actors are acting all of the time, and you cannot trust any of their show of being human.
Give up trying to be like them, they will always be funnier, wittier and more beautiful than you, they are egos not humans.
Most sports stars are machines, they have skills for both sport and for making money, skills that you will never have, unless of course you have a corporation backing you, which is unlikely with your present state of fitness.
Celebrities who are popular just because they are wealthy, are in a fortunate position.
As soon as you have a lot of money, you immediately become good looking and have a sparkling personality to match.
Looking at your hourly rate, it’s doubtful you will ever be in a position to discover this for yourself.
But all is not lost.
You can always turn to your heart for help.
Unless of course, your desire to have an inflated ego and inflated bank balance, is so strong that you would be willing to lose your integrity to gain it.
If that’s the case, you are on your own in the pig pen, good luck.
Most people are not willing to pay the price for public success.
They have a heart that whispers and urges them not to be fooled by the passing parade that they see before them in the media.
It is a circus to the public but behind the scenes it is a battleground.
It is a vicious ego eat ego, survival of the fattest, a war that never ceases.
You do not need to belong to such madness.
Your happiness and peace of mind are far more valuable than anything that the world can offer.
Turn to your heart and follow it’s simple guidance.
It won’t be an earth-shattering experience, but at least your mind will be at ease and your ego held at bay.
Be a hero to yourself.
Better to be quietly pleased at your own inner expansion than to be praised out loud by a insane audience of blood suckers.
Be a hero around your home by being honest, reliable, patient and an earnest seeker of the truth.
Better drop that last one, I’m not sure that there is such a thing.
Let’s try that one again.
Be a hero around your home by being honest, reliable, patient and an earnest friend with an open mind.
Imagine what a beautiful world it would be if everybody was a home hero.