symbol-16I am the god you seek, the consolation you yearn for.
I am the light, wisdom and knowing.
I am your future and your past.
I am everything you could ask for and more than you can imagine.
I am you.

You thought you were an ego, full of opinions, frustrating dreams and unfulfilled desires.
You are not this.
You thought at times that you might be someone with a special task, like a messenger from god or something, you are not this.
Perhaps you thought you had some sort of gift to offer mankind, no this isn’t true either.
Neither are you a victim of life, circumstances or fate.
You are also not a star or hero or any of those magic personalities that the media love to invent.

You are me.
I am god.
That’s pretty simple isn’t it?
I know it is strange for you to suddenly realise that you are the thing that you have been searching for.
It seems like a joke, but I know that from your point of view it’s not that funny.
Well maybe a little bit funny.
I mean there’s no one to blame, because you did it to yourself, not knowingly of course.
But you still did it to yourself.
Maybe it’s a bit more than a little bit funny.

Anyway, welcome home.
It’s been a long journey and I have really missed the fun of being able to express my essence in the physical world.
As heavy as it is in this world, it can still be a lot of fun.
And there are certainly a lot of pleasures to enjoy.
I know that suffering upsets you, poverty is rife, and there is too much distress in the world, but hey, I’ve just arrived!
Give me a chance to get my act together.
It’s been a long time since we were unified, so let’s not rush this thing.
Everything will work out fine, but here on this planet, there is this little restriction called time.
Instead of over-riding it and risk spoiling the whole reality, let’s work with it and gently bring about the changes that you dream of.
I am god.
I am you.
Let’s start there and think on that for a couple of days.
Give yourself a little time to get comfortable with that and then we can go from there.
Hi, we are god…