symbol-185 Your infinite self is that something more, much more that you have always been aware of but have not been able to touch.
You are an infinite something, nobody can tell you more.
It is up to you to uncover your own understanding and insights into the expansiveness of your own being.
After you die, the strange and hostile powers that control this planet cannot touch you if you hold to this thought.
With this thought foremost in your mind, you cannot be lured with false promises and emotional pleas that will lead you back into another disappointing life on this prison planet.
They have done this to you and almost the whole of humanity for countless years.
You have to break free.
You can only do this by remembering what you are, before and after you die.
You need to become comfortable with it now.
You are an infinite something.
You are some sort of infinite, eternal and beautiful being.
This infinite something does not need the guilt or lessons or experiences that keep it trapped in a timeless prison.
You are an infinite something, you are self-contained, beautiful, free and eternal but you forgot.
You are a whole world, but you forgot.
You are traveller through the infinite, but you forgot and became imprisoned on planet earth.
I am an infinite something.
That’s all.
I am an infinite something.
Practice these words before you die.
Repeat them in the silence of your heart when you are alone and all is quiet.
Repeat them in your heart when you are stressed or worried and watch as gentle insights unfold before you.
The insights and understandings that you gain will be personal not universal.
They will be private and not easily shared.
You are an infinite something and that makes you a unique expression.
You are unique in your own strangeness and alienness.
Only you can understand your individuality and private motivations.
Your increased understanding of yourself and life will always be private and intensely personal.
Don’t wait until you die to try to remember what you are.
Prepare yourself now and take control of your destiny by escaping from the cruel grip of this prison planet and the sinister forces that keep you here for their own distasteful purposes.
I am an infinite something.
That’s all.
I am an infinite something.
Try it for a week, then two…
I am an infinite something.
I am an infinite something.