symbol-207Synthetic – Authentic
It’s a matter of choice

Disease – Ease
It’s always your decision

Dark – Spark
It’s your responsibility

Trivial – True
Choose dark or light

Forced – Free
You are the creator of your life

Defect – Perfect
Choose what pleases you

Inane – Sane
Ask your heart to decide

Pitiful – Beautiful
You can go which ever way you like

Uncomfortable – Natural
Your life, your decision

Obscene – Serene
Head to the shadow or the sun

Blind – Blissful
Make up your mind

Stupid – Lucid
What do you really want?

Trinkets – Treasures
Where do you want to go?

Trashy – Happy
Your choices make your life

Cheap – Cherished
Ask your heart

Wasted – Wanted
Which do you prefer?

Plastic – Fantastic
It’s all about decisions

Thief – Peace
It’s a matter of choice