symbol-212Quietly take control women.
You have been slaves for thousands of years.
You have been humbled, pummeled, embarrassed and disgraced by men who made laws to subdue your qualities and abilities.
Man has now built powerful institutions and religions to keep you enslaved.
The men who designed and keep these rules in place are cowards.
They are pompous, arrogant empty-hearted narcissists.
The glimmer of light in their hearts has been smothered by their lust for power.
These people are not just in public positions of power,
they are in your homes and in your lives daily.
Naturally this does not pertain to all men.
Many are genuine and sensitive to their partners.
These are real men.
The others are cruel fools masquerading as men.
A real man respects and listens to his partner and to women.
A real man is not a bully and a dictator.
A real man still has a heart.
What can be done?
Where can women turn to?
They cannot just change the laws and change the uncomfortable structure of this imbalanced society.
Where is their strength?
Your strength is in your heart.
You do not have to be aggressive or angry.
You have no need to retaliate or to harm these people.
Your responsibility begins with yourself.
You must take the time to listen to your heart.
You must stop and allow your intuition to sing to you.
You must learn to act on the impulse of your heart and not the frenzy of your emotions.
Stop each day for a few minutes to feel your heart.
Speak to it if you like.
Ask it for advice.
Take notice of what it tells you.
In time, you will find that you become the voice in your heart and that it is no longer separate from you.
You have forgotten your power.
It is within.
It is within every human being.
The doorway is through your heart.
Your peaceful heart.
Access is through peace.
Calm down, feel the peace, then slip into your heart and bathe in the beauty of your true heart, your true self.
It is private and personal, you do not have to share what you discover.
It is yours uniquely and nobody can take it from you.
Practice regularly talking to your heart and before long your life will become a little easier and a little luckier as your infinite heart makes gentle adjustments.
Shhh… listen to your infinite heart, it is you talking to yourself, but you have forgotten to listen.
Quietly take control women.