symbol-213To you who have been searching…
You can stop now!
Let’s stop the crazy merry-go-round.
Let’s get off the roundabout.
It’s okay now, it’s time to wake up.
It’s time to remember.
You have been misled.
You have believed all of the half ideas you have been fed, because that’s all that was available.
Well, times change and now, it is time for you to have access to all of the truth, light and insight that you could want.
The good news is that you do not need a teacher, guru or master.
You do not need anything.
You are the complete question and answer, all in one.
Up until now, humanity has been imprisoned in their brains, their head brains.
They did not even realize that they have another, much better brain.
You have a heart brain, it is an infinite source of understanding.
Unlike your head brain, your heart brain does not depend on learned teachings.
It does not depend on memory or an ability to understand technical abstractions.
Your heart brain, your infinite heart, your silent center, your personal infinite source, is you.
It is the more of you that you have been searching for.
Your heart is the silent and personal doorway to your infinite self.
Your heart is the gateway to peace and understanding.
It is not locked.
It is easily accessible.
Entry is simple.
Let’s do it now.
Relax your body.
Relax your mind.
Now feel everything slow down…
And drift into an easy feeling of peace…
Hold this peace in your heart.
Now slip into your heart with it.
That’s it.
That’s the infinite, that’s everything you could ever want.
Ask yourself a question. Quick!
Anything at all.
Did you hear the answer?
It was quick, direct and perhaps a little blunt.
That’s okay, there is no place for pretense in your heart.
Do it again.
Ask another question.
Ask whatever you like.
Ask as often as you want.
It’s your heart, it’s your infinite source, it’s you!
Use it a thousand times a day if you like.
You will see big changes happen in your life.
You will feel monumental insights, crush your superficial old understandings.
That’s it.
There are no lessons to learn.
There are no tests or secret words.
There is nothing to read or to memorise.
You are complete, as you are right now.
To access it anytime, you only have to do one thing.
Feel the peace to become the peace.
Peace resides in your heart endlessly, tirelessly and with complete acceptance of you as you are right now!!
So stop searching!
Feel the peace… slip into your heart space.
Then infinite love, insight and happiness are yours to play within.
There are no rules within your infinite heart.
It is your personal, private and powerful space.
Stop, sink and swim in the infinite peace and understanding that is your core, your true heart, your infinite self.