symbol-221I am the essence of creativity.
I am flexible, adaptable and regardless of the situation, I will make something out of it that amuses me.
If you choose to invite me into your life, then we can certainly have a lot of fun.
Some of my ideas are so outrageous, that they are ridiculous.
But they will make you laugh and that certainly is creative.
It is exciting to work with me because I am always introducing new ideas and new perspectives.
I have no time for the tried and true.
That is too safe.
That is not living.
Living is dynamic, new, changing and full of unexpected twists and turns.
Now a little warning.
Creativity does not imply success.
When you reach out for something new, there is no guaranteed outcome.
However, something good always comes from every attempt.
That’s the only guarantee.
But, what choice do you have?
Do you do the same old thing and go home bored?
Or do you reach out for me and together try something brand new?
If you prefer to follow, then you do not have any need for my assistance.
If you love to stand alone and to make that extra effort, then you had better give me a call.
Sometimes a simple adjustment can make the most mundane situation, vital and interesting.
You have to look and think outside of the little safe box in your brain.
Move from you head to your heart and feel your creativity.
Invite me into your mind whenever you feel like having a little fun.
We will see what crazy ideas I can whisper to get your heart really pumping.
I am creativity, call me and there will be interesting changes.
I am an old energy. I was there, alone at the beginning.
I do not need company, I am creation, so I can stand alone and start anew at any time.
If you work with me, you will find that you become a bit obsessive at times.
I am a master of focus and when I am on a new project, it is very hard for me to think of anything else.