symbol-224I am the essence of honor.
I am the hidden need behind all transactions and relationships.
When I am present there is a sense of peace and a multiplied value to the contact.
Often the benefits of holding to my truth cannot be seen in the short term.
I am the slow growing seed that makes the greatest of oaks and the tallest of redwoods.
To be honorable is to pay tribute to your own value,
the brilliant light in your own heart.
Whenever there is honor, there is a true heart.
You honor yourself when you are true to your heart.
If you are in doubt in a situation,
call me and I will let you see clearly.
When you act with me as your guide,
your long term prospects are made positive.
I am an eternal monument,
a tribute to the spark of integrity and honesty within all people.
My joy is to set that spark afire that my ways, may become your ways.
I yearn to give you your self respect and peace of mind through honorable interactions with your world.
You are your world.
Treat those you meet, as you would yourself be treated.
I am the essence of honor, let me gently remind you of the value of truth, honesty and integrity.
They are not limitations in life.
They are a foundation made of the finest stone.
I am there by your side whenever I am needed.
Even before you call I am there.
Before you act, make sure honor is satisfied,
Then you can be sure that your actions are of value to your world.
It is an honor to be with you.