symbol-235Stop for a few moments.
Dedicate your heart to the next few minutes.
Make sure you will not be distracted.
Make sure you are comfortable.
If you want to be healed, you have to have the right environment.
Healing is not difficult.
It is a forgotten and natural process.
You have forgotten your essence.
You have forgotten that you are much more than just a body and personality.
Only by stopping and sitting quietly can the memory of your essence come flooding back through your heart, your infinite heart.
You must make space for the essence of healing to come into your life.
Feel it, it’s like a gentle surge of the ocean kissing the sand,
as it washes along the shore.
Feel the calm and goodness flowing from your heart.
Feel it tingle parts of your body as it washes over you.
Your cares are swept aside for now,
you do not need them at the moment.
An ocean of serenity has reached the shores of your mind and is seeping into your life.
Now focus on your heart, your infinite heart.
Keep your concentration there for a while.
Your heart is the ever-open door to tranquility,
but you can only enter when you are tranquil.
You have to become the thing you want to be,
before you can be it.
So to be peaceful, you have to drop all of your fears and become the peace you seek.
Once you feel peace,
it is easy and natural to fall into the depths of serenity in your heart.
Then this feeling will envelope your whole being.
Sit quietly, you don’t have to try to feel calm.
You simply have to stop being busy for a while.
There is nowhere else to be, nothing you need to do at the moment.
Now focus on your heart and imagine a light,
a beautiful diamond, sparkling and perfect with no harsh edges.
It is rotating in your heart, radiant light,
different colours for different purposes.
This diamond is you, it is the summation of all goodness,
of your being, of your true essence.
I am the healer.
Now this perfect light can send light to your body.
Imagine it sending a soothing beam to heal.
It can be any colour you imagine.
It can be a straight path or curved.
There are no rules, this is the heart of your world.
This is the centre from where you radiate your creation.
Send healing to your body and even to your world if you desire.
This diamond is you, so you can use it as you will.
Let it guide you, watch the colours change, direct the light where you will.
Rest in this peaceful heart.
Feel the fullness, the emptiness, the completeness.
It is all there.
This is you, the more of you that you always feel a yearning for.
It is always there.
Use it to heal , use it to question.
Keep it easy and keep it gentle.
Ask it a question, anything.
The answer will be quick and maybe a little direct.
But here, in this honest world there is no need for secrets, hidden meanings or vagueness.
The light is true and clear.
Ask what you will.
Send it’s healing light to wherever you wish.
It is all you.
You can access this anytime, it’s always there.
It’s always available.
But remember the key.
You have to become the peace, to access peace.
So sit quietly now, calm your mind,
let go of your worries and stay within your private heart space where the world is once again yours.
You can access this anywhere, anytime.
There is no right time to feel peace.
Let the calm heal you.
Let your heart open your mind to remember.
You are the light.
You are the peace.
You are the healer.