symbol-31Everything is part of a story.
Your brain tells a different story to your hands.
Your heart knows a different tale to your feet.
The cells in your hair talk of something else.
The air you breathe, every atom you are made of spins a tale.
Everything is a consciousness and every consciousness is another story.
You are a composite, a thousand… no a million story composite.
You are not the story told by your memory.
You are not the story told by your emotions.
No! You are all of the stories combined, swirling, spinning, forever being added to.
You are a living story.
It is unfolding in every part of you now.
Every atom in your body is living a story and each of these is different.
It is like a great concoction of sounds that make up a universal symphony.
It is like a wondrous mix of colours that make up a classic work of art.
Aromas intertwine and enfold each other to make a feast of life.
Your hands touch the world, your skin kisses the atmosphere, to make a song to the senses.
Tastes collide and combine, then break up to rebuild again and again to create a buffet fit for a god.
Life is an exhilarating and exciting story that can never be told in one place.
It needs a whole planet as a stage to dance upon and flaunt its endless enthusiasm.
You are this song.
You are this excitement.
You are this grandest of cosmic expressions.
Stop complaining.
Stop wanting more.
Stop your searching and listen for a change.
Listen to the brilliance and extravagance of the song that sings out to galaxies and starts in your heart.
Drop your concerns for a little while and allow yourself to be immersed in the world of stories, wonderful and amazing stories that are happening in your world right now.
Who knows what unbelievable tales are about to begin?
Who knows what spins and twists can suddenly change the direction of the stories you are now singing.
Allow the impossible to enter your life.
Let the bizarre and strangeness of untold stories from the infinite depths of life smother your old and useless fears.
Let the boldness and brashness of impossible situations become a normal and exciting part of your day.
Stop trying to write the story and step back and let it sweep you into fascinating situations that make your best dreams look like cheap movies.