symbol-33People have dreams.
They work hard to fulfill these dreams.
Maybe they dream of a partner, a house, a car, a career, whatever…
People achieve their dreams.
They get their partner, a house, a car, a career, whatever…
But they are still not satisfied.
They seek more, they always want more.
The desire for more, blinds you to the success you have already achieved.
Look around at what you have.
Forget about what you want.
Stop and consider what you have already achieved.
You will find that you are surrounded by dreams fulfilled.
You already have in abundance, many, many of the things that you once dreamt of having.
Stop and appreciate and use to the fullest those wonderful things that you have managed to bring into your life.
It is easy to overlook your achievements.
Learn to appreciate and learn to be satisfied.
When you continually reach forward into the next dream, you obliterate much of the pleasure that you could gain from your achievements.
Instead, you live in a constant state of anxiety when you don’t stop and take stock of what you already have.
Accidents, divorces, bad luck…
These are all signs of blindness and lack of appreciation.
Look around at the difficulties in your life…
These could be hints.
But to see them, you may have to swallow your pride and admit your fallibility.
Of course, that’s ridiculous, people don’t make mistakes.
So stop your complaining, appreciate who and what you already have.
And then happily, you can dream new dreams while luxuriating in the softness of your successes.