symbol-42If you spent your life, living in an asylum, wouldn’t you think it was normal?
If you lived your life in a wild jungle tribe, wouldn’t you think it was normal?
If you were a city person staying for a while in that wild tribe, you would not be very comfortable and you certainly would not think of it as normal.
The society you live within and believe in, is not normal.
It is insane but you grew up in it, so you don’t know any better.
The things you believe to be true are crazy!
Most of the stories that your tribe, society, has told you are rubbish.
You are living within a ridiculous system surrounded by people with crazy ideas.
Nobody knows what’s going on because everybody is telling everybody else only partial truths at the best.
To make it worse, much of society is driven to accumulate money, possessions and power, far more than is necessary for a healthy balanced society.
You are a crazy part of this mixed up world, driven by lies, exaggerations and the desire to have power over others.
Nothing is sacred, insatiable greed drives the leaders of society to make narrow-minded decisions and self-glorifying choices.
Humour can bring a peek into reality.
Humour is an important part of life on earth because it is a flash of insight, a relief that allows you to acknowledge and glimpse the madness that you are immersed in.
When you laugh, you are laughing at the whole world and the foolishness of your willing involvement in such idiocy.
Perhaps laughter is your only chance of escape.
Maybe, the more you laugh, the more you catch snippets of the truth of the asylum that you are suffocating within.
You cannot understand your world from the inside.
You need to get out and back to see it properly.
But how does a fish get out of the water to understand what it is living in?
It must first forget the idea of its fishness and consider itself as a consciousness, an infinite awareness, living in a body and experiencing an alien but insane world.
You are not your body.
Your body belongs to the asylum, you don’t.
You are wearing the body so that you can experience the asylum, that’s all.
You are not the foolishness that surrounds you.
Your ego is a participating part of it, but you are not your ego either.
You are something else, something that is silent, peaceful, patient and not-knowing.
That’s right, not-knowing.
Not-knowing is an essential part of accepting your infinite self.
Knowing is very human and limiting.
Humanity worships knowledge, even if it’s fabricated.
Knowing, being smart, having answers is part of the ego.
There are no answers, life is infinite, it won’t fit into your little human brain.
Life is ridiculous and so are you, if you insist on believing all of the stories you are fed daily.
Everything you read, watch and are entertained by, make up the madness of the whole of your life.
That’s no problem and can be fun, as long as you don’t believe it and are ready, willing and able to laugh freely, heartily and spontaneously at it’s falseness.
Anyway, all of this writing is ridiculous, makes me laugh, fancy trying to explain such foolishness!