symbol-46You are not sensitive, you are egotistical.
Your self-values are all vanity.
I am this star sign, I love this colour, these are my lucky numbers…
All of these things are made up by your ego.
You are not shy, you are not ugly, you are not unlucky.
You are none of these things.
They all belong to your ego.
Your ego belongs to your body and it builds a story around superficiality.
Everything you are told and taught as a child, adds up to create a myth that you think defines you.
Every time you look in the mirror and add a judgement, you are adding more myths to your ego.
Every time you take offense at some dumb comment, you are adding to your ego.
When you feel down or disappointed, arrogant or superior, you are telling your ego to believe in more lies.
In truth, you are indefinable.
You have tendencies, drives that urge you this way or that, but they come from a source that is far more honest and true than your ego is ever capable of being.
You own heart is your truth, it is without limit, infinite.
It is the portal to your personal identity, your individuality, your tendency to express a unique way of living.
What you are is nothing to be proud of, nothing to talk about, it is simply what you are.
You are like a grain of sand, with odd and individual facets that make you unique, but nothing really special to write home about, there are trillions of other grains of sand that are also unique.
Your ego won’t accept this, it wants attention.
It screams all day, “Look at me, look at me”.
In the meanwhile your infinite self (whatever that means), simply nudges and prompts you along the day, whether you take notice or not, is up to you.
Most of the time you can’t feel it’s presence because you are too busy trying to satisfy your ever-demanding ego.
This is like trying to fill the sea with water.
You are neither black or white, deep or shallow, tall or short.
You are an incomparable infinite something, experiencing life in a body that also houses an ego.
You spend your life wresting for the control of the body, usually the ego wins, so as a result, you live in frustration and despair, convinced that you are secretly an idiot.
And all of the time you are neither idiotic or wise, you are simply you, trying to live a meaningful and peaceful life, while some know-it-all ego, continually throws stones at you destroying your peace.
You can’t get rid of it, but you can ignore it.
The more the ego is ignored, the less it’s power over you.
You can’t fight it, that only gives it more power.
Instead, keep your focus on your heart, don’t give a damn and see what happens next.
You are not sensitive, you are simply caught up in your own myths.