symbol-52You don’t need 10 commandments to know how to live.
You don’t need ancient texts written in obscure languages.
Nor do you need cruel rituals or blood sacrifices to understand how to live well.
There is no need to hold people at ransom and make false promises about the after life.
No, life is much more simple than that.
Life is gentle and without bias or prejudice.
It’s understanding does not require intelligence, training or rituals.
Life is you.
Life is about you and for you.
Life is such that, you can use it freely and understand it completely.
Life does not ever expect someone else to spoon feed your understanding.
You are perfectly capable of understanding it yourself.
You can read these words and say that they help, that’s stupid!
There’s nothing I can do from the outside to give you any assistance on the inside.
Anything that you read in these words that you love, is a result of your heart interpreting the patterns that you uniquely interpret.
The patterns I write are not the patterns you read.
If a group of people see a movie and give a critique, that critique would be so varied that you would wonder if they all saw the same movie.
The movie the director filmed is not the movie they critiqued.
So it is with everything in your world.
It is unique to your interpretation.
You are reading patterns that only you can interpret in your own private way.
I write patterns that amuse me.
They are not written to entertain or enlighten you.
Chances are, I don’t even know who you are, so how can I be writing for you?
Your world is private, intelligent, twisted and alien to every other of the billions of beings on this planet.
Your world is unique.
You are your world.
There are no commandments or rules or books or rulers that know what is best for you.
Your mind searches for and finds answers in patterns.
Patterns that it interprets from the endless swirling patterns that make up each moment.
Patterns are everywhere.
The pattern you are seeking at the moment is the one rule, the guide that tells you how to live.
I am willing to share my idea of this rule.
I have no idea how you will interpret this, (nor do I care, because you are an alien to me).
You only need one rule, one reference, one point to link everything back to and that is your own heart.
That’s it!
Go on, tell me you already knew that!
Well, you may have heard it before, but you are still not practicing it, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading my personal mumblings, looking for a meaningful pattern.
Trust the silent whispers of your own heart.
Take time to sing the beautiful song of originality in your own heart.
Stop and slip into the infinite silence of your own heart.
That’s all you need to know.
Listen to your heart.
Goodbye, you can go outside and play now.