symbol-53There are no turning points in history.
There is no special event that changed everything.
In you own life there is not a defining moment that was a pivot for change.
Every moment is in time, and is part of a wave of moments that is forever sweeping through life.
There are no life forms that are living ahead of or behind you in time.
There is simply the great wave of now.
This wave contains all moments for all life forms throughout the universe.
All life lives in the same moment, on the same time line, riding the same wave.
Every moment in your life is the result of an untold number of past moments.
There is no event in time more important than any other event.
This is because all events are formed as a result of a myriad of previous events.
You might say a heart attack was a defining moment for someone.
However, the heart attack is the culmination of all of the events that caused it.
Possibly stress, lack of exercise, poor eating habits etc.
It was not one thing but a whole lifestyle that led to the attack.
The attack itself is seen as a special time, but that is only a personal value.
The heart attack is simply another event in time, equal to all of the many events that led up to it.
All of the little things add up to make, what you class as the big thing.
The big thing is only a symbol of the little things.
History is taught as a set of facts and defining moments.
This is a false view of life.
History is made up of countless small events that culminated in a particular occurrence that is then highlighted by historians as being important.
Nothing is any more important than anything else.
Every event is equal on the time wave.
Your mind creates imagined bumps on this wave, but it is smooth.
All events are equal.
Everything is going somewhere on a time wave and this wave has its own hidden purpose.
Everything happens on the wave along with the wave and in perfect harmony with the wave.
Everything is equal.
Whether you get hit by a bullet, a bus or a bully, it is all equal.
These events occupy an equal amount on the wave of time.
They have an equal amount of importance in the big picture.
On the small scale, you would probably measure the importance by how loud the “Ouch!”
Daily, you measure and value an action depending on its intensity.
But that is your personal bias, all events are equal.
Time is a wave, a steady wave.
It has no bumps or spikes.
It is consistent, events simply rise and fall as it passes by.