symbol-65Your attempts at self-discipline, your strength of will, your determination to succeed, all of these things are doomed to fail, unless you are standing on the right side of the window.
When you make an effort to change certain aspects of your life, you have to do it from a proper stand-point.
If you do it using your ego, you cannot possibly succeed.
That is like trying to clean a window using an oily rag.
Scrub it as much as you want, you will not achieve anything.
Your ego will only make excuses and cause distractions.
It is a chattering chimp, living in the cage of your brain.
You cannot possibly expect it to discipline itself.
The only way that you can achieve your goals, is to step outside the realm of your narrow and petty brain.
Step into your heart, your infinite heart and let it handle your desires.
When you step into your heart, you have stepped to the other side of the window and it is easy to clean the stains and blotches on the glass caused by your lifetimes of ignorance.
When you stay in your brain and try to clean the glass, you are cleaning from the wrong side of the window.
You can scrub the inside all day, but the marks can only be removed from the outside.
If you want change in your life, you have to do it from the outside.
Step outside of your circus and view the show from another perspective.
Drop your flash ideas into your heart.
Stop planning and preparing and give it all up to your heart.
It is the doorway to an infinite intelligence.
This is the intelligence of life and it will not be your slave, your friend or your tool.
It is intelligent, why would it listen to a human being?
Humanity is yet to reach the age of intelligence, it is still bumbling around in the primal evolutionary dark.
Compared to the intelligence of life, the combined brain of humanity is a grain of sand in a desert.
Only by submitting your whole being to the unpredictable and incomprehensible ways of life intelligence, can you step out of the dark ages into the true ages.
At the moment you are standing on the wrong side of a dirty window, desperately seeking the sunlight.
Why not give up and let the sunlight clean the glass for you?