symbol-82Get down on your knees and pray.
What for?
Let’s all pray for Bob or Jane or someone else we like!
When you were a child and you needed something, did you get down on your knees and pray to your parents?
Of course not, that would be foolish.
They knew what you wanted.
If you needed something extra, you would ask them.
They would be shocked if you prayed to them to have your needs fulfilled.
Do you think the universal intelligence is less than your own parents?
Do you think the intelligence of life is so fickle and vain that it has to be coerced to give you what you want?
What sort of power do you imagine runs this existence, if it yields to the whimpers and vain requests from immature humanity?
Do you really think that this infinite intelligence will obey your wishes to make rain or heal a dying person?
Do you think that the whole of existence is going to change just to satisfy your emotional pleas?
Can you imagine the mess if all of the daily prayers were fulfilled?
There would be disasters, deaths, dramas, bitter duels and whole countries collapsing.
Praying is vanity.
It is the ego begging to an imaginary god to twist fate, to satisfy it’s very personal desires.
Praying is a twisted means of controlling the masses.
If you pray and your prayers are answered, you are holy.
Nobody is holy, so that never happens.
However, if you pray and your prayers are not answered, there’s living proof that you are unholy.
And even if you don’t pray, you are unholy.
So either way you are very bad and the angry god is not talking to you anymore.
There is no such thing as holy, it is an invention of the ego.
There is no such thing as an angry god.
There is no powerful prayer or perfect supplication.
Nobody is listening and nobody cares.
You are playing games in your own mind with your own ego, trying to find a shortcut to getting what you want.
Life takes effort.
Each persons life is a very personal journey and impossible to understand.
If you need something, then put that thing in your heart and let it be.
There’s nothing else you can do.
Set your direction, keep a focus and drop it into your heart.
Then get on with your life and life will continue to unfold in it’s own way, probably ignoring your vain and immature supplications for help.
Acceptance of all that is, is probably the best you can do, to make this world a better place.
Pray for rain but its all in vain.
Your ego’s insane and your god is inane.