symbol-83You wanted a new car, 3 months after you had it, it lost it’s shine to your mind.
You wanted a larger tv screen, you got that and then a new computer.
Then there was something else, and more on top of that.
It’s never enough, the bucket is never full and the mind is never at peace.
What’s going on?
How can something be a burning desire on Monday and by Thursday, it’s just another horse in the stable?
It’s never enough, your ego does not understand, or even seek happiness.
Your ego will push you forever, to seek out another novelty, to try a new experience, to feel another thrill.
Your ego is a mindless imp, with no concern except for immediate gratification and cheap thrills.
Yet you live for your ego.
You work hard to pay for your home and all of the trinkets inside.
You try to balance your debts and income, just so you can have more, more, more, it’s never enough.
You want to be entertained, you want to laugh and get drunk, all for the idiot ego.
You want to be free, but that is a lie.
If you wanted to be free, you would break away from the demands of your head and seek the jewels of understanding in your heart.
But they don’t appeal to the ego, because they will only spoil the fun it is having.
The ego cannot stand up to the light of insight and introspection.
It is a half-witted juvenile, who’s sole intent is self-indulgence.
You should not leave your life in the hands of such an irresponsible being.
Take control of yourself.
Self-discipline is not easy but there is no choice.
You either get off the buy-more-bandwagon or you drown under the flood of your useless collection of dissatisfactions.
The only things that you have of value are the things you have in your heart.
Your friends and family, your partner, your children, all of these things are beautiful and easily overlooked on your never-ending search for more toys.
The aromas and colours of life, the greens and blues that make up this world, the freedoms you have, all of these are your true treasures.
All of these things are irreplaceable.
When you are on deaths door, you won’t recall your designer clothes or your new car, these things will have disappeared under the dust of time.
No, you will remember love, beauty, peace, happy times.
You will remember the things that you perhaps should have spent more time enjoying.
When your body dies, your ego dies but you are eternal, some sort of awareness, an infinite consciousness perhaps, but something that will always treasure the true values of each life you live, no matter in which galaxy or on what world.
There will never be enough trinkets in the world for the greedy ego but there are more delights, beauty and wonders than the heart can ever consume.