symbol-87Who is the good guy, the famished fox with a family to feed, or the innocent chicken that faithfully provides eggs for the farmer?
Who is the good guy, the farmer with the gun and the family to feed, or the famished fox?
Who is the good guy, the soldier with the orders to kill in order to serve his country, or the rebel fighting to save his people and country?
There are no good guys in life.
There are no innocent bystanders tragically caught up in the web.
There are needs, personal and often essential needs that drive every form of life to behave in ways that cannot easily be justified by observers.
There are offsets, imbalances and injustices that offend as they continually arise.
These contradictions are often impossible to make sense of.
Where is the protection of the innocent?
What about some retribution?
Why do the toughest get the advantage?
The human mind creates these values.
Values are not inherent in life.
They are created in the mind.
You label good or bad, sad or happy, cruel or kind.
Your mind interprets what it sees with prejudice and ignorance.
Your cannot see the big picture, you only see your own precious little outlook.
You are sitting in a dark corner trying to view a black and white movie on your tiny phone screen, while behind you, the whole of life is happening in glorious 3D and in full glorious colour.
While you view life through the smudged screen of your emotions, you will only see turmoil and never know peace.
Life is under control, thank you very much and, surprisingly enough, without any need of your interference or judgement.
Regardless of what you think is going on, something completely different is actually happening.
You look and see simple relationships between the farmer, the fox and the chicken but it goes so much further than that.
In fact it stretches out into the infinite and I don’t suggest that you try and go there.
Every single particle of existence is related.
Touch someone and you touch the world.
Love someone and you love the world.
Interfere with someone and you interfere with the world.
You cannot see the big picture, so sit down, stop waving your arms about claiming that you are on a mission and let life save itself.
If you want to do something useful, then start working from home.
Start looking into your own life and see what needs to be done there.
You have plenty of foxes and chickens in your own house that you can deal with, without trying to save all of the chickens in the world.
Investigate your own life.
Ask yourself interesting and crazy questions about life.
Assume for a while that you don’t know anything (this is possibly very close to the truth).
Get off your pedestal and start tidying up your own world.
Life and the rest of the world does not need your valuable opinions on every thing.
You make this world a far better place, if you just stay home and spend more time with your kids.
Now a message from our sponsor:
Hi, this is life, go home and leave me alone.
I will contact you if your services are required.
Thanks, yours sincerely, life.