symbol-804I stand in my dreamscape and look out into the open clarity towards an empty horizon.
It is a perfectly calm and flat desert, blanketed by a vaguely blue sky that fades to uncertain white where it meets the land.

The emptiness is the play-space of infinite possibilities.
The peace is the timelessness of the eternal cosmos.
I am a sphere of consciousness standing before this tranquil scene.
I am looking into my future.
My future is as yet undecided except for a few strands of changing colour at my feet.
These are the events happening right now at this moment in the physical world.
I am a clear bubble, I am not a body surrounded by a sphere.
I am an awareness with fuzzy edges.
I am a clear and empty space, creating and un-creating through conscious thought.
I am seen as a body in the physical reality but that is a symbol of the consciousness that lives in the dream state.
I look out into a future because I still think in temporal terms.
My body continually presents its beliefs.
These presets that make me believe in the physical world.
These ideas are a part of the whole belief system that gives the earthly reality its structure.
My bodies belief in this existence means it continually broadcasts presets, ideas that work together to create this reality.
My body reminds me of gravity and sunrises and weather and nature and arms and legs.
These are just a few of the countless presets that I believe in.
It reminds me of my limitations and confining abilities.
My ego also broadcasts its ideas to my awareness.
It pushes the belief in the physical reality much further by making it personal and self-centred.
It reminds me of my individuality.
It continuously whispers lies, telling me that I am important, special and even intelligent.
It tells me that I am wonderful and that the world is not treating me fairly.
It reminds me that I deserve better and that I am very special.
I, I, I, that’s all it talks about.
Even though the ego tells lies, the consciousness tends to believe it.
Ego always offers the easy way out, the short term solution.
I am nothing but a fuzzy bubble of consciousness.
The only truth in my world are the things that my true self presses onto my awareness,
The rest are just fantasies.
My fullness is the only answer, my only truth, my reason for being and what this world made me forget.
My fullness is about love and integrity, honour and honesty.
It is long term and without any conditions attached.
Its guidance is clean and simple and the consequences are always positive with perfect timing.
It cannot be interpreted properly while your awareness is strongly attached to a belief that it is the body.
That’s why you experience many of your abstract insights whilst asleep.
It is possible to be aware of your dream state while fully conscious in this world.
You can be aware of your dream state at the same time that you participate in the world before you.
It is like being in two worlds at once.
The dream state is the state of your mind.
You can see it stretching out before you, a view of your future.
The future doesn’t have to be difficult.
The future doesn’t have to be the uncertain terrain stretched out before you in your dream state.
Your future is made up of thoughts you believe in.
If you don’t want them any longer you can delete them.
You can consciously dissolve them, make them melt into the landscape.
It’s your future, your mind, your creation.
Having dual vision of two worlds is a break in reality.
The walls stopping you from seeing can fall.
You can see your forgotten realm and the prison world together.
Your mind separates them easily.
It is not confusing, there is no conflict.
The dream state is reality, the physical world is the shadow of it.
It is like the reflection of a city on a lake.
The uneven reflection is not the city.
The dream state is an escape route out of this madness.
It is a vibrant, healing elixir of life leaking into this stagnant and polluted pool of humanity.
It is a warm breeze in a frozen world.
And all the time, the body and the ego never cease trying to gain attention.
An itch, a twitch, a distracting thought, all of these things attack the awareness, trying to take away its focus from the truth of itself.
Any skill learned and done well from the heart, is a source of truth.
Whether it can be expanded enough to drown the moaning body and the seductive ego is up to the artist.
Life itself is an art, if it is expressed from the fullness of the heart.