symbol-630Humanity continually tries to build itself away from nature.
You use a car for travel because foot travel is too hard and energy consuming.
You use clothes to protect you from the elements, the insects and the sharp edges of the world.
You have to wear shoes to get around and in many places, a hat to protect you from the sun.
Most food has to be processed before it is palatable
Nature has to be killed so that humanity can survive.
Even if you are a vegan, you still have to eat living matter to survive.
Regardless of what you eat, too much of what you love is not good for you.
You would imagine life should be the opposite, the more you love it, the better it is for you.
Medicine is a vital part of life because nature is continually attacking the body with miniature life forms, invisible to the naked eye.
These tiny viruses attack to destroy.
Everything is killing so that it is not killed.
Your body is always under siege.
Most of the world suffers from weather that is too extreme for the comfort of easy living.
You are an alien on this planet.
The local inhabitants, animals, insects and so on, are equipped to suffer the whims of the weather and the unpredictability of their environments, you aren’t.
A human cannot blend into nature without making a deliberate effort, natural life does.
Human dwellings are always a blight on the landscape.
Humanity has to cut, crop and chop into nature, to try and make life more comfortable.
This planet raw is outstandingly beautiful, especially behind the safety of a sheet of glass.
You are an alien.
Your species has invented all manner of clever devices to modify the environment so that they are comfortable.
Life in a bubble is the only safe way to exist on this world.
You travel and live in mechanically contrived bubbles.
You try to live aloof of nature, not because you don’t like it, but simply because you have to, to survive.
You are an alien on this world.
People continually seek games, entertainment and distractions to make life more comfortable.
Humanity is in a constant state of agitation and dissatisfaction with the world around them because they don’t belong.
Humans are now dreaming of moving out into the stars.
What for?
Perhaps to find somewhere more comfortable than this primitive, harsh environment?
You are an alien trapped in your mind, on a planet that was not designed for a body such as the one you are forced to wear.
Your mind is shattered into a million little pieces of unhappiness and you can’t understand why.
Your mind is under attack, it is as broken as a battlefield.
You are not as free as you like to pretend you are.
Even your thoughts are besieged by negative and destructive ideas that break down your personal attempts to overcome the endless obstacles before you.
You do not belong on this planet.
You have been tricked and now you are trapped.
You need to talk to your intuition to understand more and to find a way of escaping.
It’s possible and not too difficult.
The main thing is that you at least try.
You don’t have to accept your current awful situation.
You don’t have to resign yourself to a life of slavery on a planet that you don’t belong to.
However if you want something else, you have to be prepared to change your mind.
Most people are too vain to do this and prefer to remain stuck in the mud of their own making.
Change your thinking and you will change the whole of your world.
You are an alien, no wonder you are never quite comfortable.
You need to understand what’s going on.
The only way to find out is to ask your own intuition.
There is no other expert, there is no other source that can help.
If it’s too much effort, then too bad, accept the crooked and cruel ways of this world and expect further disappointment.
There’s not much else to look forward to when you allow your ego to run the show.
You are an alien, your ego isn’t.