symbol-815Your mind holds you within a tight framework of beliefs.
The tighter your beliefs the more rigid the framework.

Your beliefs only allow you a certain amount of movement in this physical existence.
If you try and step beyond that boundary, you are overwhelmed with rational and logical reasons why you should not go any further.
Your mind is open and free, as long as you don’t try and take it into new territory.
Even though you imagine you are free, you are only ever as free as your most rigid belief.
Life is like an inverted cone.
Your beliefs hold you down within that cone.
The tip of the cone is earth bound and the upper, open rim fades into the emptiness of infinite possibility.
The tighter your beliefs are, the further down the funnel you live.
The tighter your beliefs, the less room there is for freedom of expression.
The looser you are, the more open you are to the unlimited infinite.
Following a religion or a philosophy or even a passionate cause, is surrendering to fixed beliefs at the expense of a free and open mind.
Every person imagines themselves as intelligent and free thinkers and that is true, but only within the rigid borders of their pet doctrine.
Your ideas should not be fixed.
Rather they should be temporary considerations, mere stepping stones to the next level of your understanding in the game of life.
As you grow, your ideas should adapt and change to suit your expanded understanding.
It is crazy to adopt a set of beliefs as a youth and think that they should carry you through all of your life.
Every idea in this book is right at the time of writing and wrong the next day.
This is not a doctrine or a bible.
It is a collection of passing thoughts, ideas that flitter in and flutter out of my life.
Life is huge, you will miss a lot of its richness if your mind refuses to let you see beyond your own petty, personal ideas.
Your thoughts cause you to live laterally within this tight cone but an imaginative mind can let you move vertically as well.
Life is like an inverted cone.
The more rigid your belief system, the tighter your life and the further down the inward cone you drop.
Your aim should be to rise above your present structured mind, eventually to the open end of the cone into infinite possibilities.
Then you can entertain ideas beyond the imagination and consider alternatives way beyond the limitations of the physical reality.
Your mind is gullible and if it does not take the time to consider life and its vastness, it will stay locked within a hell cell of its own making.
A mind that listen to the daily news, gets involves in current affairs and frets on social issues, is bound to the ground.
It is at the bottom of the cone, trapped under the waterfall of propaganda that is made up of other peoples ideas.
A mind at this level will live in constant frustration and desperation trying just to survive.
It will never have the energy to try and make sense of it all.
You are exactly where you placed yourself within the cone.
You are exactly where you placed yourself in life, it wasn’t luck, genetics or bad timing.
It was your thoughts.
Your thoughts thought you into every situation you have ever experienced.
Your beliefs keep you locked on a dizzying downward spiral of confusion and misfortune.
Your own heart is the only source of hope.
Only you can save yourself, nobody else can do it for you.
Wake up or wind down, down, down into more misery and darkness.
It’s always your choice.
It’s always up to you, you can listen to your heart or to your mind.
Your heart speaks from the eternal infinite.
Your mind only knows the finite and the past.
So far in life you’ve mainly listened to your mind and things aren’t looking up are they?
Get out of the dirt, you don’t belong there.
You are in a totally unnatural situation.
Talk to yourself about saving yourself, there’s no other way of doing it except from within yourself.
Your thoughts keep you near the bottom of a inverted cone.
Your heart can set you free.