symbol-814Your mind is constantly assailed with stories, opinions, rules and odd experiences.
These things often conflict in your mind with old information that you have already absorbed.

Over years of living, you end up with a mind full of contradictions, indecision and vague opinions.
Rarely do you ever consider anything you hear because your mind is immediately distracted with some other situation or possibility.
Sometimes you try and understand an issue but there are too many points to consider, too many ways to view it.
Most of the information you get is second-hand anyway and probably not quite true.
It is not a result of your own considerations, it is a point of view that you heard somewhere else and then adopted as your own.
Your mind is overflowing with useless information.
When you want to use some of that information, you are then overloaded with too many choices.
Nothing is clearcut, there are always so many alternatives to consider.
People are proud to be full of facts and information.
They talk as if a good memory is a sure sign of intelligence.
Your mind is an bottomless bucket.
You can spend your whole life trying to fill it with information and memories and you will never fill it and you will never be satisfied.
Your mind is not your heart.
It is a computer that likes to store information and it catalogues it in a loose form so that when it is wanted, it can give the answer plus related information.
It is limited to the information that has been fed in.
It is not original and it is not creative.
It can only work with what it has been given.
A painter could never rely on mind to do a work of art.
A work of art is a work of heart.
It is brand new and a creative addition to the world.
It is the same with you, you can never rely on your mind to lead you to a life that is a work of art.
Most people rely on recycling the same old information and vague old memories, over and over.
That’s why many old people are so boring, their minds are on automatic, spitting out the same tired old jokes, the same worn out memories and the same dull opinions, year after year.
Your heart intelligence is your true vital essence.
It is endlessly creative and heart-wrenchingly simple.
There is no pretense, no social status, no fear and no obligations.
Your personal and individual true self is you, without all of your worldly complications.
It is you without rules and restrictions.
It is the emptiness of endless space and the vastness of eternity.
It is the intelligence of all things that have ever lived and the simplicity of an empty room.
Your expectations and learned responses greatly complicate your life.
All of the ideas and possessions you cling to are only temporary, there is nothing worth hanging on to except the raw honesty of your own core self.
Your priorities are all wrong, simply because you keep forgetting about the things that are most important in your life.
Your heart is your priority.
The heart is open for everybody, it is not impractical, amazingly spiritual or just for a few wise guys.
Your heart is the only source of life that you can trust.
It is wise beyond words, intelligent beyond belief and more practical than any aspect of life you look at.
You are your heart but you forgot.
You have an obligation to remember and to get your act together.
You should be living a creative, free and happy life but your mindset won’t allow it.
Take control now and open your mind to ridiculous possibilities.
At the moment you are missing out on a whole universe of crazy opportunities.
And they are all free for the taking.
All you have to do is believe in your hearts wishes and you are on your way to seeing them.
Your mind is not your friend, it’s an ignorant know-all.
Your ego is not your friend, it’s survival depends upon your ignorance.
Your heart is your friend because it is your true essence.
There is nothing magic or holy about it.
It’s not religious or spiritual.
It’s the real more of you that you sense but forgot about and it’s easily accessible.
In fact you can communicate right now with it if you want.
Why not try and see what happens?