symbol-453It is very convenient to deny your own heart and to insist on relying on your head alone.
It’s easy to deny the existence of integrity and morality within yourself.
This frees you to treat reality as a self-indulgent, me-first experience.
People who say I don’t believe in god or some similar, bland cliché are denying their own depth.
They are denying the possibility of more life and closing the door to broader possibilities.
They assume that they know all that there is to know, and that they are fortunately, quite intelligent, so you can trust their proclamations.
There are no grounds for their beliefs except, that’s what they were taught as children.
As a result, that’s the only possibility they can see at the moment.
They are not intelligent, they are clones, straight from the big brother production line.
Clones can justify outrageous behaviour by using logic and claiming to be rational.
They justify cruelty, selfishness, abuse of power and greed by simply stating:
“Oh well, you only live once!”
“It’s my job, that’s what I’m paid for!”
“Nothing personal, it’s just business!”
“Not my fault, I was drunk!”
There is no justification for heartless behaviour, it is selfish, perverted and obscene.
You can hide behind big brothers ugly mask and make as many claims as you want but you can’t hide from the twists of fate and the blackness covering your heart.
It is a blackness of your own making, nobody else chose it for you.
You can’t escape the restless nights and your uncomfortable memories.
You have a heart, an infinite, moral and eternal part of your self that waits to seep into your consciousness and force you to face the truth about your choices.
Nobody is greater than their own infinite heart, their eternal awareness.
You can’t deny your root existence.
That’s like a tree trying to walk off into the sunset, refusing to acknowledge that it’s rooted into the earth.
That’s like a cloud, diving into the sea, thinking that it is independent of the sky.
You are not the body, don’t be fooled by the idiotic behaviour of most of the world.
Don’t join the mardi gras of madmen, dancing and swaying to society’s song of death.
All that the system offers is death to your freedom, death to your imagination and death to your truth.
You are not a cloud lost in the sea.
You are the clouds, you are the sea and you are the sky.
You cannot escape from yourself, one day, somehow, it will be there before you.
Life will slap your face and suddenly you will remember, you will know shame.
So, what do you do?
Say sorry and start again, that’s all.
Make it a habit to listen to your intuition and follow it’s clear nudging, nothing else.
It’s never too late to turn your back on your head and to listen to your heart.