symbol-819Most of life is inexplicable.
Most situations and interactions are riddled with odd coincidences and crazy impossible timing.

Usually you don’t see it because you are always too busy trying to survive another day.
Your daily affairs are enough to keep you occupied without taking the time to ponder the meaning of life.
Yet even so, it is easy to recall incredible situations that have happened to you.
Perfect timing, fortuitous cascading events, opportune meetings, there’s many more than you can recall.
In fact, your every day is overloaded with impossible coincidences but you are blind to them.
You are too preoccupied to see.
At the moment you barely touch your inner power.
Your focus on your dreams is so fuzzy, you are like a sniper shooting smoke at a target.
Yet, even so, amazing coincidences still tumble through your life.
Imagine the scale of impossible situations that could occur if you were able to properly focus and create whatever you desired.
There would be no limit to your adventures and fun.
At the moment you are dismal at creating.
A creator who only creates disappointment, difficulties and sadness is not very good at the job.
Your intuition never stops pushing, trying to touch your mind so that you listen and learn to create properly.
Instead, you keep ignoring it and wonder why you are never lucky.
Until you start listening, your intuition will use your negativity to shock you into the awareness that there is more to life than the mud muddle you are immersed in.
The more open your mind to miraculous events and incredible circumstances, the more fortunate you will become.
You are a creator.
That is your true essence but you live as if you are a victim.
It is only natural that circumstances should twist and turn around your every desire but they don’t.
Your mind kills your dreams.
You continually fill your head with negative ideas, dark news, uncomfortable stories and false values.
This is what you believe and so, this is what you witness.
The world before you is merely a witness to your thoughts.
You can change it all.
Drop your preconceived ideas about everything.
Stop thinking you know best.
You are not living a good life, therefore you know nothing about living.
Open your mind to the openness of your true heart, your intuition and a whole new world can be born.
Life is not a rational game that mocks your attempts to be happy.
Nor is it predictable and tidy, confining itself to your petty expectations.
Life is a roaring waterfall of possibilities.
It is a mountain slide of monumental proportions, tumbling along its own path through your life.
It is a cosmic storm of alarming infinitude.
But, it can be all under your control if you will only start to listen to your intuition.
If you will only stop thinking you already know best and open your mind to the possibility of the unexpected and delightful, springing into your life.
Your sensible, rational mind stops spectacular coincidences from unfolding before you.
Your logical and conservative thoughts keep you locked in a tiny dark cell while outside the walls there is a whole universe waiting for you to come out and play.
All you have to do is stop.
Stop everything.
Stop the noise.
Stop the rush.
Stop telling yourself lies.
Stop wasting your days.
Stop and take time to listen to your heart.
Stop and take the time to remember the true values in your life.
Then you might hear the song of the universe singing a song of freedom, inviting you to join.
Wouldn’t that be something?