symbol-561The same situation is different every time because you are.
History does not repeat, neither do you.
You and the whole world around you are changing continuously.
Nothing is fixed or dead.
Everything is alive.
Life is pulsing and turning and twisting and forever singing new songs.
Life is rebuilding, reforming and redoing, but always in a brand new way.
You might stay in the same old house for 20 years, but it’s not the same house and you’re not the same occupant.
You might stick to the same old job, but it’s not the same company and you’re not the same employee.
You might have known someone for the last 10 years but don’t be fooled, they are not the same person and neither are you.
It’s more a case of 2 new people have watched each other change over 10 years.
When you were 12 years old, you wanted to be a teenager.
When you were 18 you wanted to be 21.
When you turned 40, you wanted to be 20.
You were never where you were really comfortable and even now, you imagine that some other time would be better.
You are an awareness experiencing change.
You observe change and then place an emotional value on it.
It never had that value, you made it up.
You stand in judgement each and every day, calling this thing good and that situation bad and that person okay.
These prejudiced values are meaningless to life because life remains a flowing river regardless of what is floating in it.
You don’t have to be consistent with your ideas.
You don’t have to have beliefs that you carry like concrete blocks on your back.
You don’t have to have rigid opinions.
Life is a massive tumbling avalanche of change.
How crazy to think that you should hold to one pattern and believe it should never vary.
Religions place your mind in little boxes and then shut the lid, trying to lock you in place.
Corporations put blankets on your head to deaden your senses and then ask you to trust them.
Governments place masks over your eyes to blind you and then tell you what you are looking at.
You are looking at change, nothing else.
You are swimming in a swirling world of energy and your imagination pulls images out of that energy and calls it your personal life.
Everyone sees it differently.
Nobody can interpret for anybody else.
Everybody sees only their own changing selves.
You are not who you were.
You have no idea who you will become.
In the meanwhile, let go of your concrete blocks and let the river carry you along.