symbol-504There is an enemy, you are not completely safe.
It is a black and nasty opposition force to your life.
It is evasive and beyond your senses and understanding.
Silently it sneaks around in the darkest corners of your being, seeking to do damage, searching for cracks in the armor of your integrity.
This evil and abhorrent thing is not to be taken lightly.
It cannot be dismissed as mere imagination or fantasy.
It is powerful beyond you.
It has tricks that far outsmart you, yet it was created by you.
Years of wrong decisions, faulty choices, negative ideas and false beliefs all added up.
Your fears, worries, doubts and concerns all added up.
Your mind is a living thing, it has an ego in residence.
This is the body awareness that comes with the bag of bones you use as a space suit on this planet.
Your ego has been given a lot of freedom since you were born.
This has made it stronger, sneakier and nastier.
It wants to survive and rule, it does this by smothering your intuition.
It is an intensity of negativity, it is alive, it is a dark faced and untrustworthy monster, it is not the face you see in the mirror.
It is sinister and vain-glorious, it is darkness personified.
It is in you, even at this moment.
It is the thing telling you constantly that you are a fool, that you are wrong again, that everything you do fails.
Even though these words are false, they come from within your own mind and so they are not easy to dismiss.
They should be, but you have been mislead since birth, so there is a lot of undoing to be done.
You don’t beat this thing by fighting it.
You don’t win by getting angry or by throwing rocks at it, especially since it lives in your brain.
You defeat it by ignoring it, by replacing it’s selfish thoughts with thoughts from your honorable intuition.
You defeat it by not acknowledging it and by being on guard and aware that at any moment it can rise up and attack your confidence.
It’s a shock to realise the extent of your own negativity but it is normal, everybody has such a monster within.
Everyone must face it and override it to defeat it.
Your life is a pattern, all you have to do is change some of your pattern so that you play the game more wisely and less emotionally.
Get out of the mainstream media, that’s the source of the river of lies and falseness.
This black river is force-feeding you untruths and fantasies to keep you distracted.
Get out of the mainstream noise.
Seek quiet and peace instead of constant entertainment.
Don’t get carried away with social issues and personal commentaries, they are hollow, they are not going anywhere.
Find out what you are.
You live in an infinite existence, that alone is exciting.
There are no rules and no limits, those you believe in were placed in your mind by yourself a long time ago, they don’t have to stay.
It’s time to stand up and face reality, you are something more, much more than you have been led to believe.
Ask your heart and listen to your intuition.