symbol-592The physical reality is the reality of your body.
It’s not the only reality.
It’s where your consciousness is at the moment.
There is an infinite number of realities, some are clearer than the one you are experiencing now, some are vague and difficult to define.
At the moment your awareness is trapped in the reality you call the physical.
You have believed in its story so strongly, that you have closed all exits.
You have forgotten your own truth.
You are an infinite something that creates worlds and experiences simply by thinking.
Your thoughts create your existence.
That’s all you are, a thinking machine.
You think and it impinges on the quantum of existence and then it brings forth experiences.
This is true, regardless of what reality you are experiencing.
Your thoughts made the decision to experience a body on earth and that’s why you are here.
Your thoughts could have focussed on Planet Wobbledy or any other offbeat existence that your mind wanted to entertain.
However you decided to focus on being in the physical reality of earth and that’s where you are.
You can decide to leave this existence if you wish.
However, it will take some reconstruction of your thoughts.
At the moment you believe in this world so strongly that even after you die you still cling to it.
Hence you are thrown right back in, over and over again.
No, it is not karma or reincarnation or learning lessons.
All of these things are superstitions that formed into religions over eons.
Now they are chains of rigid thought that bind and blind.
You are here repeatedly because you can’t break out of your own belief system.
Your thoughts trapped you into being recycled into a world that uses your energy somehow for its own benefit.
You are the cause of your predicament and only you can break it.
You are an awareness with the ability to create worlds.
Your thoughts are the foundation of your perceived existence.
Your problems and your fears are all a result of your thinking process.
They are not based on reality and personal experiences.
You can just as easily create a reality where you are happy, wealthy and deeply satisfied, but you don’t because you won’t believe it.
To get yourself out of this mess, you have to get back to remembering your foundation.
You are an infinite something that is thinking your experiences into being.
At the moment your body intelligence, your ego, interferes with most of your thoughts and causes you to lose your way and to create uncomfortable scenarios.
You have an intuition, use it to break the dizzy cycle.
Your intuition is your extended consciousness.
It reaches out across forever, to guide you in which ever way you desire.
If you listen instead to your ego, you will end up in the introverted mess you are in.
Start listening to your intuition.
Trust your gut feelings.
Slow down and stop believing all of the garbage you are fed.
Work it out for yourself, at the moment you are letting governments, religions and corporations tell you what life is all about.
They are driven by the need for power and control.
Why would you listen to such selfish monsters?
Take a little time each day for peace and quiet.
Talk to your intuition.
Get off the frantic roundabout of daily business.
It’s not going anywhere.
You are your reality, good and bad.
If you are not happy with what you created, then do something about changing it, quick before things get even worse!
It’s up to you, it always has been, but you won’t admit it.
You will remain trapped for as long as you refuse to take full responsibility for your thinking.
Think about your intuition and seek its guidance, it’s your only chance of escape.
Ask it if you don’t believe me!