symbol-341Your dreams are not mystical messages nor are they confused and meaningless madness that’s just playing games with your brain.
Your dreams are your past, present and future.
Your dreams are like a topographical map of life laid out before you.
This map is made up of probable and improbable futures.
It is effected by your far past and your far future.
The map is effected by your thoughts today.
Whatever is in your mind is in the map.
All of your fears, anything that upsets you, from today or from the past, all of your false beliefs, your vanity, your stupidity, your health and your eternal self, are all part of this map that extends out into the timeless existence.
Your current mental state is your biggest problem because it piles up lots of crazy blocks and limitations on your future path right here now.
These things are loading the simple path to freedom with endless distasteful hazards and they are all from your head.
There is one clear path that floats through the map, it is pale yellow light, it is a highway that sweeps out into your ideal future.
This is a reference.
This is the ideal.
This is the natural path that you would be on, if your mind hadn’t been hijacked when you were very young and filled with falseness.
This path is pleasant, comfortable and perfect for you.
However, at the moment, you are a long way from it.
You can see that in the low quality of your dreams.
You can see it in the misfortune that keeps coming your way.
You can see it with your own general dissatisfaction.
You do not have to suffer from these things.
You can get on track if you truly desire it.
But… first you have to slow down, calm down, get down and keep quiet.
You have to stop assuming you know best and that you are quite intelligent and interestingly unique.
All of these things are your ego talking.
It’s an idiot!
Got it? An idiot!
Your ego is demented, selfish and self glorifying.
You have to get past it and get to your heart.
It’s no big deal, most of the world has the same problem.
It’s not that difficult to solve but it does require a few humblings, a few mind changes and a powerful admittance that you don’t really know anything.
You have to calm the ego and seek the feelings from your heart.
You will see the difference quickly, if you persevere.
Most people don’t, they get lazy, a stupid thing to do when your life is at risk.
So whether you do anything about it or not, at least now you realise that your dreams are the state of your world and that only you can change them.