symbol-735You can spend a lifetime searching for the truth.
You will probably come across it many times but you won’t realise it.

This is because you are blinded by the idea of the search and your preconceived ideas on what it will be like when you find your answers.
It’s useless to go searching for a star if you are expecting to find a chicken.
You cannot go searching for a new idea if you already think you know what that idea looks like.
Anticipation leads to blindness, frustration and disappointment.
Your rigid mindset locks you out of good luck and good fortune.
Your mental obstinance stops you seeing countless opportunities.
You are living within an infinite existence.
There is no limit to up, down or sideways.
Existence is without limit.
Your mind places severe limitations upon it.
Your rules, laws and regulations leave you in a constant state of expectation.
You constantly expect to see only what your mind believes in and usually its just chickens compared to what’s possible.
You are never open enough to expect the impossible or miraculous.
You have tried to place your infinity, in a small rickety box and there’s no way that you are going to risk coming out of it.
Besides, someone might laugh at you if you did.
You have turned an infinite existence into a finite one with definite and strict barriers.
You have a whole list of things you do not want to discuss or even acknowledge.
There’s thousands of topics that you would rather not talk about.
You are walking a fine line trying to pretend that everything is alright and that you are safe within the universe that big brother has defined for you.
You are not safe in any prison system.
You are in danger of losing your freedom for a long long time if you don’t wake up to yourself and view your situation honestly.
Things don’t get better as you get older, if you don’t do anything to make them better.
Nothing changes if you don’t allow changes.
Your mind is a stagnant puddle whereas it should be a rolling ocean.
You need to free up your thoughts.
Accept new and obscure ideas into your mind.
Celebrate radical thoughts and extreme possibilities.
Play with the idea that the universe is infinite and you are an active part of it.
Expect good things to happen, look for them regardless of what’s occurring before your eyes.
You are the cause of what happens in your world.
Your thoughts are manifested as real events and situations.
You are a creator of worlds.
The world before you now, exists because you believe in it.
You are not a human being with a soggy brain and a rickety body.
You are an eternal something and the infinite is your playground.
Here on earth you have forgotten almost everything because big brother is much smarter than you.
He has managed to get you to believe in war, famine, disaster, cruelty, unhappiness and a thousand other negative situations.
Stop now.
Turn within to your true heart and seek guidance.
That’s the only place you can trust.
Your true heart is the you that you forgot about, so you don’t have to be respectful, spiritual or even nice when you talk to it.
It’s only you!
You will not be offended if you are bad mannered to yourself!
Take action now and start listening for the quiet voice within and become sensitive to the subtle nudges that push you this way and that.
Open your mind and stop expecting reality to conform to your petty ideas.
Open up to the endlessly creative thing that you are.
And stop looking for chickens.