symbol-527You have no time because you don’t know how to use it properly.
You abuse it by filling it with inane, mundane, insane pursuits.
You fritter it away with banal and boring entertainments.
You make choices that complicate your days.
You make plans that are not in harmony with your heart.
You keep friends that are not good company.
You rarely seek peace and quiet, hence your mind never rests, never returns to zero point, where your intuition can be heard.
There is plenty of time to do all that needs to be done.
You just waste it, that’s all.
Even while you read this, your ego is busy making excuses for you.
It’s easy to blame everyone and everything else, but it’s entirely your responsibility to look after your life.
You choose to waste your days in frantic clock watching.
You are the one who is always rushing to the next appointment.
You’re the one who loves to tell people how busy you are, as if it is an excuse for misusing the few years you have on this planet.
When you fritter your days away it’s like a pond in the hot sun.
Most of the water will evaporate and there will be very little left to drink.
It’s like travelling across a beautiful countryside and sleeping all the while.
It’s like having a beautiful family but you are always too busy at work.
You are missing out on the heart of life.
You are not winning if you are forfeiting your heart.
Time fools you, all through your life, it is not rigid, it does not pass like a ticking clock pretends.
Time stretches and shortens, widens and narrows unpredictably.
You will never tame it, save it or stop it disappearing.
Life appears linear from the human view point.
You can only do one thing at a time, everything is ordered, sequential, and consequential.
Your true heart does not see it that way.
Your true heart is not trapped in a body, it is eternal and infinite.
It adjusts many levels at once and uses time like a master musician.
It plays with it.
It caresses it.
It uses it to make the world a better place.
Trust your intuition to schedule your life, your head has no idea what it’s doing.
It’s just a frantic clock watcher.