symbol-558Human self-interest drives society into the ground.
It is very difficult for people to see the big picture and to be concerned with anything but themselves.
Of course there are a few.
However most who claim to be helping, are only doing it because that’s what makes them feel good.
They are still working with their own interest at heart.
There are millions of do-gooders supporting causes and doing what they think is the right thing.
The right thing is beyond mere charity work or donations.
The right thing for humanity is to free your human-ness from the bonds of the ego.
The right thing is to make the effort to learn to listen to your intuition.
The right thing is to be moral, to pursue honesty and to be ethical.
The right thing is to remove the lure of the trinkets of this world and to listen only to your true heart.
Your heart knows the big picture.
Your ego-driven mind has no idea.
Causes are group-ego driven and rarely heart driven.
Causes are another form of obsession, another way of collecting trinkets, another distraction from the true work that needs to be done within the heart of every person.
There is a big picture and it is so very different from anything that big brother has ever taught you.
Big brother reaches deep into everything, every religion, every charity, every political movement, the media, music, fashion and fads.
There is very little you do that is truly heart driven.
Almost your whole day is spent conforming to the insane demands of the hideous powers that control this planet.
So few moments of your life are spent in love, in peace, silence, consideration.
Your days are full of noise and aggression.
Your causes are contrived and artificial.
Your life is lost in your ego.
There is only one escape and that is through the very private portal of your own heart.
Want to know more?
Ask your heart.
I’m not interested, it’s your problem.