symbol-821There’s gaps in the stories you believe about this world.
There’s things that don’t make sense.

There’s events that don’t add up, discoveries that contradict science, healing that defies medical teachings.
There’s miracles and miraculous coincidences in every persons life.
These events are impossible to justify or explain.
Yet, even though they surround and there’s countless evidence of them, most people prefer to pretend that they don’t exist.
They do exist but this reality is fake.
It is full of trickery and deceit.
It is full of holes and weak points.
It is rampant with contradictions and conflicting reports.
But most people find it more convenient to pretend that these things aren’t there.
Your mind is your great downfall.
Your mind is on automatic and will conveniently ignore anything that does not fit into your stupidly narrow set of beliefs.
These beliefs are not even yours, they are all borrowed and you adjusted them to suit your petty point of view.
Take any story in the news and if you really analysed what you were told, it would be obvious that it is full of holes.
It is full of presumptions and innuendos, all encouraging you to continue with the charade.
The false world you believe in, is propped up by corporations and governments and religions, those that wish to maintain their power over your mind.
They can’t fool you if you turn your back on their infantile blathering.
Most people refuse to think about it and are ready every morning for a fresh does of dishonesty.
If you stop taking in every poisoned portion they offer, you will begin to see the holes in this reality.
You are a slave to the monsters that rule this world because you continue trusting them and believing what they tell you.
You complain about the government and their false promises.
You know the media exaggerate and lie.
You see the blindness that religions cause.
Yet, you still accept it all as normal.
Dishonesty, deceit and amorality are not acceptable ways of living.
They are not natural.
They lead to self-destructive lives and miserable endings.
Negativity and suffering are the opposite to what you should be seeing in your world.
Integrity, honesty and happiness should be common but they’re not.
You have accepted the dark traits as normal to such an extent that you now believe that that’s just life and there is nothing you can do about it.
It is your fault that the world is so twisted and that your life is so difficult.
You believed the tons of muck you were fed.
As a result, the world you look out into reflects the tons of muck you took in.
If you changed your thoughts for only one week, you would notice a remarkable difference in your world.
The world responds to your thoughts, that’s how it all works.
You think it and then you should see it, provided of course that your mind is not overloaded with so much negativity that your positive ideas are crushed to nothing almost immediately.
The only sure way out is to turn to your intuition and ask it for help.
Your intuition is you and it will guide you out of the most difficult of situations, if you will only quieten your mind so that you can hear it.
You need to make time for peaceful contemplation if you want to escape from the putrid dump that you currently live in.
You are a creator.
You can have anything you want in your world because it is your world.
But only if you are willing to listen to your heart.
Jump down from your egotistical soapbox and admit that you are lost and know nothing.
Sit quietly and let your heart remind you of what you are.
You are a magnificent, eternal consciousness that got lost in a maze of your own negative beliefs.
They are not real and it is no problem to your intuition to lead you out of the mess.
All you have to do is trust it.
It’s that simple.
Trust your own heart and you will start a brand new world that will suit your wildest dreams perfectly.