symbol-712Don’t plan a dead future.
Don’t let worry and fear dictate your dreams.
Don’t let the media convince you that the world is doomed.
It is only doomed if you believe it to be so.
Don’t write a story that ends in tragedy and sufferance.
You are the story and the writer.
Your beliefs are your world.
You are the author of your life.
Think a future that suits you.
Dream a tomorrow that allows you to express your true heart.
Start putting it into operation right now by refusing to worry.
Seek out your fears and dissolve them into the grey neutrality that they arose from.
Don’t give up because you are frustrated by your failure to make money or to make happiness or to be a success in life.
The things you measure against are false.
You are looking out into an artificial world trying to find real life.
The outer world holds very little truth yet you continually seek your answers there.
You know that the system constantly lies to you, yet you still turn to it in the hope that it might be your saviour.
It never will.
It’s not interested in your happiness, it feeds off your suffering and sadness.
You can find all of the answers you could ever want within your own heart.
The problem is, you never look for them there.
Instead you turn to religion or to the government and or even corporations for your answers.
That’s like hand-feeding a crocodile.
You can only get away with it for so long before it turns and bites you.
As difficult as it seems, you have to totally trust in your own intuition.
There is no other reliable source.
There is no other safe path.
Everything from your intuition is unified.
It is whole, complete, satisfying and honest.
On the other hand, your ego is always shattered.
It feeds you fragments that never fit together.
It lies, misleads and never satisfies.
There is always something else to desire, always a feeling that there is something better just around the corner.
Of course there is something better!
But you will never find it because you refuse to face that direction.
Your own heart is always better.
Instead you fool yourself with petty distractions, senseless music, mind-numbing television, ego-driven social media, stupid immature movies and corporate-generated gossip.
You spend most of your day fiddling with distractions and time wasters.
You are afraid to look within and to investigate your own being.
How strange!
You are afraid of yourself.
How weird.
You need to look within and you need to learn to listen to your intuition.
That’s where your energy should be spent, investigating your own private and intensely-interesting, inner world.
That’s the only way you will ever know happiness, peace and true understanding.
Everything else is a lie.
You are building a grim future with your flippant attitude and your shallow thinking.
You are hand feeding a crocodile, it can’t last.