symbol-344Hello, hallo, hi, common greeting used all around the world.
Hi, how are you?
Hollow, how are you going?
Hollow, nice to meet you.
Hollow, most people you meet are hollow, superficial, empty, mere flotsam floating on the surface, nothing to see around here!
Hollow meets hollow all around the world, all of the time.
It’s the way people are.
It’s all, most of them ever know.
They are too frightened to dig deep into themselves to investigate alternatives.
They are afraid of being different, of breaking the surface and diving deep, just in case someone is watching and they look stupid.
They would prefer to be hollow than appear to be rejecting the system.
The system is hollow, totally empty and completely superficial.
Science is limited to what big brother approves.
Education is restricted to feeding intellectuals.
Entertainment is based on stupidity and nostalgia.
Music success is limited to those that are willing to sleep with the system.
The movie industry is owned and controlled by the dark forces that rule the whole planet.
You are hollow and being fed shadows.
You are used to it and find it enough to get you through each day.
It’s enough to keep you down each day.
It’s enough to keep you busy each day but it is not enough to ever satisfy that gnawing emptiness, that hollow feeling that you keep telling others about.
Of course you are hollow, you have no heart.
You have no memory of what you truly are.
You have forgotten everything and in its place you are a hollow, shallow puppet that nods and smiles on cue.
Hollow, how are you?
Do something about it, you have probably forgotten but you do have a brain and you do have the freedom to question and think about things quietly in your own mind.
Take the time to question your heart about your hollow greetings and your hollow lifestyle.
Then perhaps next time someone says:
You can reply, ‘Hollow’, but think, ‘Not any more!’