symbol-450When are you going to die?
Might be tomorrow, might be years from now.
In some ways it doesn’t matter.
Whether you die in a minute or died 20 years ago, it won’t matter in 20 years time.
Time passes and things happen.
One day it will happen and then it won’t matter if it happened then or years earlier because it’s done, over!
Your death is important, to only a very few people.
They will probably forget very quickly and then who cares?
What did it all mean?
If something is inevitable, does it matter when it happens?
You can say, “I want to live as long as I can”, but that means nothing when it’s over.
Whether you lived 20 years less or 20 more, it doesn’t matter when it’s all done.
Death happens and it doesn’t matter when.
It might matter for those left, but only for a short time, then they themselves will die and on it goes.
Your life span is like a rubber band, it’s still the same no matter how much you stretch it.
Once you’ve finished extending it, it’s still a rubber band.
Once you die, you will soon forget the rubber band and you will certainly not think about the length of what could have been or wasn’t.
Death happens and it doesn’t matter when.
Most people think any time is the wrong time to die.
The point is, every time is the same as any time.
Death is nothing to fear, there is no reason to try and push it away.
Death happens at any time and it is always the right time because it doesn’t make any difference.
Your fear of death only serves to make it difficult, instead of an inevitable and natural process.
Your fear is building a speed bump on a freeway.
You are making life uncomfortable.
When you worry about death, you are worrying about the inevitable.
That’s like worrying about the sun going down at the end of the day.
It does not matter when and how you die, what matters is how you live.
Your daily choices, heart or head are the only things that count.
Choose your heart and you move into being more of yourself.
Choose the head and you stay stuck in the same old.
It’s no big deal, there’s no god with a vacancy on his right or left side waiting for you.
Sorry, I’ve forgotten which side is better.
Not that it matters, you’d imagine that after all of the deaths this planet has seen, there’d be no vacancies at all in any of the heavens.
Your death is not on a timetable.
The moment of death is only ever a probability, and varies as your thoughts vary each day.
Your infinite self, the more of you that you’ve forgotten, is the decider of your death day.
You choose your own closure.
Your life is your choice.
You are the creator of the world as you know it.
You are the destroyer, when it is time to leave.
It is always up to you, everything is.
So if you’re still worried about when you will die, have a talk to your heart and see if you can maybe get an extension.
I doubt it, your heart is just like you, so it probably won’t listen and then hit you with a rubber band.