symbol-418Your body is a dummy, you give it life and hopefully intelligence.
You are the infinite you, the eternal you, the immortal you.
The body is powered by your presence.
It is maintained through food and exercise and all of the other odd things that it demands.
You are the battery that powers the water robot.
Your infinite heart is the power source.
Your body is a clockwork toy, it was made from the earth and will start to return to it once the battery has been removed.
Before conception, your consciousness is probing, reaching out trying to find a parental situation that is ideal for your essence.
Once it touches it, it connects with the baby and slowly starts to take over control from the mother until it is born and independent.
Or something like that, play with your own ideas if that’s not pretty enough.
You provide the power and your intuition, consciousness provides guidance and protection for the mind.
Unfortunately, your physical brain has a thing called the ego, the body intelligence.
This ego doesn’t want your intuition telling it what to do, after all it’s not your body.
Your ego wants to run the whole show right up until the last tick of your heart.
Otherwise, what’s it going to do all day?
Stand by and watch some smart-aleck, infinite thing have all of the fun?
Your whole life is a battle between your ego and your intuition.
The ego has the advantage in that it has no rules, no integrity and it doesn’t mind lying and cheating to trick you into situations that it desires.
Your intuition is silent, honest, reliable and does not understand deceit.
Intuition waits for despair and frustration from the ego’s constant failures, which wedge you into a corner of hopelessness.
Then, in a moment of desperation, you might just shut up long enough to accidentally listen to your healing heart.
You might just humble yourself enough, to consider that perhaps you don’t know everything.
Of course, you can always shortcut this difficult way of learning, by consciously choosing heart over head, intuition over idiocy and patience over pettiness.
But it’s all up to you.
It’s always your choice.
You can take the long way home or the shortcut.