symbol-518Most of your life is spent in the machine.
Not enough time is spent in your heart.
This planet is largely controlled by the machine.
It is cold-hearted, merciless and blindly intent on its own secret purposes.
Most people sell out to the machine.
It’s easy to justify:
You need the money.
It’s only business.
Why not, you only live once?
Someone’s got to do it.
It’s my job.
There are thousands of reasons and they are all cheap.
Your heart, you intuition, your infinite awareness is disregarded and set aside as if it is a nice idea but not relevant in today’s modern world.
Today’s modern world is temporary, empty and a mere shadow passing across the earth.
Your intuition is eternal, it doesn’t leave you and it doesn’t compromise.
The machine you are listening to, is not throbbing to the rhythm of the universe, it is thumping out its own unnatural and discordant message.
It is like a monstrous mining machine chomping its way around the planet always destroying, never constructing.
It destroys rivers, forests, oceans, mountains and leaves a polluted planet in its wake.
It eats manners, integrity, purpose, freedom and leaves an enslaved ignorant species in its wake.
The machine is mean and obscene.
At the moment, it is untouchable.
There is no superhero, god, holy person or wise guy who can stop it.
It is blind to compassion and merciless in its destruction of the human spirit.
Most of the masses have willingly joined its march across the world.
They compromise their own hearts in exchange for compensation from the machine.
If the machine could laugh, it would at the idea that a whole species can be bought for mere money and the promise of a little power.
The machine prints its own money, it can never run out.
The machine writes the laws that make power and then hires millions of willing slaves to enforce these unjust and often cruel restrictions on all people.
These enforcers become willing weapons, too eager to fulfill their required quota of the guilty.
The machine creates wars and then hires millions to fight them with the promise of money and glory.
The glory is a myth and the money is soon spent but the memories and injuries remain.
The machine creates shortages and manipulates world markets.
Some nations fall under economic tyranny, while others rise with arrogance and aggression, only feeding the selected few at the top of garbage mountain.
Life is fake under the machine.
Your life is empty while you submit and obey without any thought of alternatives.
You are an intelligent being.
You are trapped in a prison world, so what!
The state of the world does not reflect the state of your heart.
Your heart, your intuition is ever available to you.
Prison walls cannot keep it from you.
Imprisoning laws cannot keep it from you.
Your intuition is ever free!
You think you are trapped, that’s because you listen to the dreadful and threatening hum of the machine.
Stop listening to the lies and falseness of the world.
Turn your back on the menacing media and the fake pronouncements from the institutions that spread the cold propaganda across the planet.
Instead make your own observations.
Learn to see from a new point of view, from your own heart.
Learn to listen without the mumble of the machine in your brain.
Seek peace and quiet instead.
Learn to act from your intuition, instead of from automatic reactions to the call of the machine.
You have a brain, you have an intuition, you are an eternal awareness, for goodness sake use them!
The monstrous mining machine has an insatiable appetite, let your intuition quietly guide you away from its gnashing, smashing jaws.
Take time each day for peace and quiet and listen to your heart.
Stop believing all of the hype and all of it, is hype.
You can only find truth within your own self.
You do not have to listen to the machine feeding you lies and fantasies.
Use what you already have to avoid the machine.
You have forgotten, you are an eternal consciousness and that’s really something, something that is much bigger than the machine.
Wake up, before you too are swallowed whole.
Listen to your heart.