symbol-737Imagine how much simpler your life would be if you only had information as you needed it.
Imagine if your heart was like an infinite internet.

You simply asked for what you needed and it arose as knowledge that you possessed.
Or better still, without even asking, imagine if your intuition simply gave the information you needed as you needed it, without having to ask.
Your intuition is like that.
It can give you as many details as you need when you need them.
It won’t give you superfluous information.
It won’t load you with knowledge for the sake of it or details just so your ego can try and impress others.
Your intuition, your true self, your true heart is honest, practical and focussed on immediate needs.
What you might need in five minutes or in 10 years has no bearing on what you are given today.
You are an eternal intelligence that lives within a timeless and eternal cosmos.
Time is created through your need for sequential information.
You cannot process things in multiple streams.
You can’t read a book, watch a movie and play tennis all at once and gain much from the experience.
Though it is fashionable to pretend that you can multi-task, that is only the ego encouraging you to be superficial, and unfocussed.
You might be able to do many tasks at once but none of them will be done well.
Your focus needs to be on your heart and not your brain because your ego rules your mind.
If there is a need for you to manage a few tasks at once, your heart will handle it for you and it will seem natural at the time.
Unfortunately, few have enough faith in their own inner selves to trust anything that comes from the heart.
When they do and have success, they make a big deal about it as if they are secret psychic, closer to their best god than you or especially gifted and blessed.
It becomes an ego thing, instead of accepting intuitive feelings as the natural way of the heart.
You have to make room in your mind if you want your heart to give you the information that you need when you need it.
Otherwise you are like a kid in a classroom with headphones blasting his ears while texting his friends and meanwhile, his parents wonder why he never learns anything.
You cannot hear your intuition if your head is a wild heavy-metal concert.
You could have all of the information in the world at your fingertips and all of the solutions to all of your problems right now, if you wanted them.
However, you obviously don’t believe it’s possible, because you won’t allow the information to get through.
You have built a mind that is a battlefield.
It is booby trapped with all sorts of cunning and selfish ideas.
Ideas that make you cynical, irrational, over-emotional and delusional.
Your mind is full of concrete blocks, dirty gutters, musty swamps and untold carcasses from the past.
It is unhealthy, noisy, unpleasant and in need of a good clean and some good old-fashioned pleasant silence.
Just as your parents ignored you as a child when they were absorbed in some noisy, inane and inconsequential television program, you are too absorbed in your own troubles to listen to your true heart.
You are ego-bound.
You are deaf to the voice of your heart.
You are blind to the opportunities it shows you .
You are dumb to the knowledge you could have at any moment.
You are living not even a half-life, lost in the absurdities of daily life.
You are lost in the madness of borrowed ideas and repetitious patterns.
Until you turn down the volume and cut back the pace, you will remain in ignorance of the wonderful opportunities that are forever being presented to you.
Life is tough, you cannot get through without some good help.
Unfortunately none of the help you seek is any good at all to you.
There is only one place to turn for help and that’s to your own true heart.
Trust in your truthful and honest self, it’s the eternal you, the infinite intelligence that you forgot about.
There is nothing in this world that can compare to the wonder, honesty and truth within your own true heart and it’s not religious and there are no rules.
Really, that is wonderful beyond words.