symbol-820There are no secrets.
There are no sacred paths, nor is there knowledge reserved only for a selected elite.
You don’t have to pay to belong to any special group to learn about life.

Intelligence is not required and you don’t even have to be able to read, to work out the truth.
There is no need to join a religion and it doesn’t help if you are poor or even rich.
There are no secrets.
There is nothing hidden.
It can’t be hidden because existence is the truth of life in expression before your very eyes, even right now.
The universe is not some nasty force that wants to see you suffer and struggle as you try and make sense of it.
There’s no god whipping you into submission with misfortune and demanding that you praise his insatiable ego or he won’t let you in on a few secrets.
Nor do you have to go to a special college so that you get to wear a white collar or a high hat with flowing robes.
No, you can be as rough as you like and the truth is still there for the taking.
It is there for murderers, as well as for nice people like yourselves.
Everything is in plain site.
All knowledge is freely available right now.
The trouble is, your mind does not believe it is freely available and this makes you blind.
You are blind because of the beliefs you accept not because of fate, karma, bad luck or a demanding egotistical god.
You are blind because of your own willingness to believe the mind-numbing stories you have been told.
There is no magic karmic force threatening to turn you into a dog, nor do you have an advantage if you think you used to be the Queen of the Nile.
You are the whole world and you have all insight, understanding and knowledge of this world within you.
But you don’t believe it.
It’s all about belief.
If you don’t believe it, you can’t see it in your world.
Your mind is a wild storm of negative ideas and unhappy memories.
It doesn’t have to be but these are the beliefs you cling to.
Just as easily your mind could be a wonderland of positive dreams and cosmic wisdom but you won’t believe this either.
Instead, you have settled for belief in a miserable world that wants to beat you with bad luck and keep you in debt to ugly tyrants.
There are no secrets, but you are not brave enough or broad-minded enough to seek understanding.
Instead, you always settle for less.
You think you are not good enough and that most other people are better or more deserving than you.
What a load of rubbish.
Whoever told you that succeeded in imprisoning you in your own mind.
You are a creator.
Your creation is before you.
You created every single bit of your world through the beliefs that you accepted as reality.
Every person accepts different beliefs and so every person experiences a different reality.
You have an intuition that can guide you out of your miserable existence.
It can remind you that you already know how to create a wonderful life but you won’t put it into practice.
You created yourself into an uncomfortable world of heavy taxation, rigid laws and greedy leaders.
You can just as easily create yourself out of it into a world of total freedom.
But you are too lazy to make the concerted effort required every day, to change your thoughts.
So if you are contented to remain in the darkness of your own making, it will be better if you discard this offer of a little light and go back to your bad luck and misfortune.
It’s your choice, it always has been, that’s the way this existence is structured.
So you either work with it or drown in it.
Nobody can save you but yourself because there are no secrets here.