symbol-7I am alone.
I imagine that I am sharing an existence with every one I encounter.
I imagine that people hear me and listen to what I have to say.
I imagine that I have a purpose in this intricate matrix called life. Continue reading

symbol-5Everything in your life has equal value.
You do not see it this way of course, that’s because of your biases, beliefs and misguided ideas about what is good for you.
Shut your eyes and start day dreaming.
What you see has value. Continue reading

symbol-4Quantum intelligence does not follow any rules.
This is shown by the absurdness of outrageous coincidences, improbable situations, success in spite of impossible odds, unexpected relationships, natures incredible dependencies… and on and on.
You are surrounded by unlikely events.
This reality is fake. Continue reading

symbol-3You don’t have any intelligence.
You think you do, but that is an illusion.
You get all of your insights, answers and ideas through the quantum intelligence.
Everything except your awareness is borrowed. Continue reading

symbol-2The quantum world is the infinitesimal world of ‘quanta’, packets of energy.
It is the world that all existence come from.
It is a sea of possibilities that consciousness forms into values.
It is a world where thought effects perception. Continue reading