symbol-647You are more confined than you ever thought possible.
You are locked up in your own fantasy world.
You are the creator of your world.
Your thoughts are your world.
Imagine if your thoughts never changed, your world wouldn’t change either.
You have a deep core that doesn’t change.
This is your true heart, your honest character, your infinite personality, your unique stamp on the whole of existence.
However, as well as this, you carry in your mind, eons of baggage that is the accumulation of endless lives and experiences, all because you don’t know how to break the pattern and escape.
You have been doing much the same life for such a long time that you may as well say forever.
You are locked into this world through your own rigid belief system.
A small portion of your true creative self is always trying to express but you won’t let it in.
Your narrow range of thinking keeps creating much the same sort of world, over and over, no matter how many times you die.
It’s like the same life lived over and over because your mind cannot get off the mental roundabout that it’s committed to.
Maybe the eras change and the outer conditions vary each time but you are much the same.
Your thoughts are locked into a powerful belief system that refuses to let your mind open to other possibilities.
The other possibilities are the only things that can change your mind and hence get you off the dizzy merry-go-round.
Yet you are so entrenched in your little belief system that you are always fearful of looking at other possibilities.
You are afraid that you might be wrong.
What will happen if your foundation is blasted away by the truth?
Where will that leave you?
You don’t know and you are dreadfully afraid to find out.
So instead, you close your mind and around and around you go.
Your problems today are the same as you’ve always had.
Your relationships suffer as they always have.
Your worries haven’t changed and neither have your fears.
You are as poor or as rich as you have always been.
Birth in and death out, over and over you carry the same worthless burden of prickly lies on your weary shoulders.
You like to blame the government or your parents or the religion you inherited but none of these things are the cause.
They are only scapegoats.
The truth is that you cannot bear to face reality.
You are the cause of your own world.
You are the truth, your own heart is the key, the changing of your mind is the answer.
If you won’t change your mind, you won’t change your life.
Think about where you are right now and all of the problems you have.
There are plenty of them and they are uncomfortably sticky and they stay with you where ever you go, even through death.
Even though you don’t want to talk about it, you will have to, if you want to escape from this repetitious experience called life.
Life is not fresh and new.
It is a rerun.
Over and over.
Rarely do you allow anything new to enter your self-centred fortress.
Hardly ever do you open the door for some fresh air.
Never do you open the window to admire the view.
You are sitting in a dungeon, experiencing the expected again and again.
You are your own jailer but you think you like it that way because you don’t remember any other way.
It’s like groundhog day where every day, you wake up as the same person with the same problems in the same world with only a few insignificant variations.
You might be a bus driver this time and a ships captain the next.
You might have a large family this life and be surrounded by friends the next life around.
They are mere circumstances and they are not the core of your life.
Your mind is the core.
Your thoughts make your life.
Your beliefs make your world.
Your mind doesn’t change and neither does your life.
This time you might be a theatre nurse and next time a psychic healer.
The world seems to change but your thoughts remain the same.
You suffer the same hurts each time and you experience the same joys.
And to make it worse, it’s probably with the same people, over and over again.
You are like a pink ballerina twisting on a music box.
The music is always the same but next time you might be wearing a blue dress or a green leotard.
It is the rigid sequence of little patterns on the cylinder that makes the music.
Your pattern of music, your dance of life has been set by the rigidity of your thoughts.
Any variation is superficial.
You are still dancing round and round to the same song and going exactly nowhere.
You are not a daring adventurer taking risks on the dangerous and unknown journey of life.
You are a puppet following the exact same steps you have followed thousands of times before.
The good guys are all the same and the bad guys haven’t changed.
It’s a living nightmare.
It’s like watching the same movie over and over and over, except there are slight variations in the soundtrack each time.
This is a horrible idea, yet there is a lot of truth hovering around it, waiting for you to have the courage to consider it.
Everyone is a mumbling moron, dismissing anything that threatens the monotonous melody that they dance to.
Your life is less valuable than you imagined.
All of your petty experiences are reruns.
Your photos and your memorabilia have little meaning.
You are not a unique and valiant expression of earthly life, you are a predictable mindless robot, treading the same weary path, time after time after time.
You think this is wrong?
How dare I present such a ridiculous notion and disturb your repetitious rhythm.
Who do I think I am to write such rubbish?
What’s wrong with living in limbo if that’s what you like?
Well you don’t like it and that’s why you are always discontent.
Everybody knows something is wrong but nobody knows what to do about it.
If you want to escape, you have to have the courage to let a little light disturb your pattern.
You have to be willing to stop the spinning top and let it wobble it’s way into a new direction.
It will not be comfortable and there are no guarantees that you will like what eventuates as your world spins wildly to find a new balance.
Your own intuition is the finger that can topple your repetitious momentum.
Your own heart is the light that can shine a little insight into your dull mindless cell.
It’s all a matter of choice.
If you want change then start making time to listen to your intuition.
If you don’t want change then goodbye… perhaps forever.