symbol-579Life is artificial.
The appearance of lack gives life a constant tension.
Every aspect of life on this planet struggles most of their days because of the seemingly limited resources.
Life on this planet feels a constant urge to search for food, shelter, companionship.
For many, this urge is so strong that no matter how much they have, it’s never enough.
Imagine if a parrot accumulated a mountain of seed and attacked any other bird that came near it, no matter how hungry it was.
You would think it madness.
This is what people do.
They accumulate mountains of wealth and greedily reside over it, constantly seeking to make their pile bigger.
They become afraid to part with it and become mean, greedy and miserable.
The urge to feel safe creates the structure of life on this world.
You have forgotten that you are an immortal something, living in the infinite, experiencing life on earth.
You originally came here by choice and totally forget your truth.
You believed appearances and forgot that reality is abundant and endlessly generous.
You live as if there are never enough resources to go around.
There is no lack, the universe is endlessly abundant.
Resources are infinite, it’s a reality trick.
Even though you don’t use it properly, your mind is capable of producing anything that your heart desires.
You are a source of plenty.
You are an abundance of wealth and richness.
You are an unlimited something, an infinite consciousness, an eternal awareness of some type.
You have been trapped in the illusions that make up the physical reality.
This reality could not survive if the truth was exercised.
This reality depends on the appearance of lack for it to survive.
Imagine if every person in the world suddenly had a magic button that could give them anything the heart desired.
The urge to lie, steal and fight would soon disappear.
If every person felt safe and had more resources than they could ever use, there would be no tension for resources.
The structure of society would change instantly.
New drives would arise.
New challenges would be born.
Even religions would collapse if there was no lack in the hearts of the followers.
Creativity might even become the new god.
Who knows?
It would be a different world.
Of course theoretically, you can have anything your heart desires but it is not that simple.
Your mind is the dam wall that holds back your wealth.
Your mind is extremely complex, with untold layers of learning, blocking your core understandings from being seen.
Your mind is a world unto itself, now covering the true world that you are.
The world in your mind is the rigid world you see before you.
It is tight with laws both natural and manmade.
It is structured from false teachings, superstitions, inherited and borrowed fears.
It has thousands of walls of conditioned thinking and automatic responses to the world.
Your mind is your problem.
You are the dam wall that stops you seeing and stops you remembering.
Your conventional thoughts are blocks to reality.
Your faith in the physical world fools you into believing lies.
You are not what you think you are.
Your body belongs to this planet, your mind belongs to you.
You have let your beliefs in this world take over your thinking.
Your beliefs are manifested as ego.
You ego lives well because you don’t discipline it.
You don’t live well because your ego runs the show.
It is not smart, it is selfish and short-sighted.
You are infinite and immortal.
Why don’t you take over and see what happens?