symbol-758The mathematics of escalating numbers.
If you do something once, it is not memorable.

If you sing one song, it is nothing.
If you sing one song a day for a year, it is 365.
If you sing two songs a day for a year it is 730, a tremendous difference.
Small efforts can make huge effects over time.
If you listen to your intuition once a day, you are doing well.
What would it be like if you listened 5 times a day?
The difference in a year is incredible, 1825.
The results of the repetition of an event, escalate incredibly over a short time.
It’s not a linear scale when you are learning.
It’s more like a logarithmic scale.
So the more you practise something, the faster you learn.
Repetition is an incredible tool for achieving incredible results.
The odd thing about it is, the amount of time it takes to practise once is minimal, so 5 times that is still not much.
The small amount of extra time required for an amazing increase in results is overwhelming.
Start talking and listening to your intuition today, at least once.
Then tomorrow, twice that and the next day twice that.
Make a little more effort each day and the results over the next year could be light years away from where you are right now.
Whether you are learning to sing or learning to dance, the results are always the same.
Eventually the heart takes over and your ego no longer interferes, allowing a natural flow in your expression.
The purpose of practise is to increase confidence enough to trust your intuition to do the task for you.
It’s not so much about learning as releasing.
Your intuition is an infinite intelligence, it has nothing to learn and you have everything to remember because you have forgotten everything, even what you are.
You are already in touch with every skill you will ever need, you just need a little repetition to gain the confidence you need to let your true heart take control.
Then you can sit back and enjoy the show as your intuition does all of the dancing, singing, painting or whatever it is you desire to do.
Practise every day.
Better still practise 5 times that amount and really amaze yourself.