symbol-417Your infinite mind is your reality.
Your awareness is the point of focus or concentration of your conscious infinite mind.
Your infinite mind is the whole of you without time it is eternal, timeless.
It is the long forgotten past and the far-fetched future.
It is all of you, all that you ever were and ever will be.
But, it does not happen in space.
It happens in dimension but not space.
It can be accessed from this dimension but is not of this dimension.
It is in the infinite, eternal emptiness of nothing.
You are only one single, infinitesimally small, dot.
You are a dimensionless spot.
Your existence is an inner projection, not outer.
This physical world is a shared outer projection in a space.
Your mind is a solitary, private inner projection in no space.
To be on any physical world, the mind has to project its awareness outward into space.
This gives it the appearance of a solid, physical existence.
This is where the confusion comes from for each person on this world.
Each is certain that it is the solid projection that eats, laughs and runs into walls.
It is easy to forget, then refuse to even listen to your origins.
You are projecting this world outward from your mind which is a single, tiny dot.
Your mind, your infinite intelligence is projected inward, within the spot.
Your physical mind cannot see any evidence of your infinite mentality.
Your mentality is hidden inwardly.
That is why to access your intuition, your consciousness, your infinite intelligence, you need to pass through the portal of your own heart.
It is like light passing through a lens into the varied and infinite realms of your own being.
It is like a single beam of white light in the physical world that becomes a rainbow of infinite dancing colours once it passes through the lens of the heart.
The opposite is also true.
The infinite variations of the infinite intelligence become a singular light of intuition in the physical world.
You are a single, tiny dot of awareness projecting your own infinite world inward and your presence in the physical world outward.
So if I were you, I wouldn’t worry too much about dieting or what you wear or even your hair because in reality, you are only a little dimensionless dot in no-space and probably a cute one at that.