symbol-585Are you the only enemy you have to face in the whole wide world?
Is every limitation and restriction because of you?
Are you going around behind your back making life difficult for yourself?
Yes! To all of these questions.
The battle is about you and you.
You are the observer and you are the awareness that listens to the ego.
You have an intuition, an infinite consciousness that reaches across your forever past.
You can listen to it every moment of every day if you want.
If you wanted to make a little effort, your life could be simple but amazing, easy but fascinating, clean but intriguing.
But you don’t listen to your intuition, instead you choose to side with your ego, the body’s selfish intelligence.
So, instead of creating a world that is harmonious with your true heart, you choose a world that is centred around your ego’s foolish demands.
You have created a world that is at odds with your heart.
That’s not real smart.
You have created an enemy, a power that opposes what is best for you.
You have created division.
This is why you are uncomfortable in this life.
This is why you never feel that you quite belong.
You have created a world that does not suit your true nature which is your true heart.
You are living in an alien environment that you built.
Don’t blame anyone else, reality starts in your mind and finishes in the physical world.
You are the one who allows all sorts of alien and uncomfortable thoughts to swill around in your brain, like slops in a bucket.
You have invented your mishaps and your accidents.
You were behind your bad luck and your pain.
Of course you didn’t do it intentionally, you might say.
That’s fine, but the fact remains, you did it.
Your mind created your discomfort.
Once you can accept responsibility for the mess you are in, you can do something about it.
Until then, the battle will continue and the sun will never rise.
All of the prayers in the world will not change a single thing.
You are praying to yourself and ignoring your own pleas.
How dumb can humanity get?
Look to yourself as the saviour, not to some shonky religion run by grandiose dictators.
You are the answer.
Your heart holds the keys to freedom.
You did it all to yourself.
You may as well laugh about it, there’s not much else you can do about your past.
Now wake up and listen to your heart.
Talk to it and wait for its answers.
Trust its subtle nudges.
After all, it is you!