symbol-813A lifetime of searching for understanding.
I thought I was searching for truth but many years ago, I discovered that it is a relative term and truth is personal only meaningful for each individual.

The search for my truth led me to seek understanding of this reality.
Sometimes I would forget my search and for months I’d be lost in a busy world, frittering away time and working hard.
I thought that was what you had to do to survive in this tough world.
Then slowly, I started to unravel the tangled ideas in my mind.
I learned to calm my mind and eventually to live in peaceful silence.
This was a vital step, for then I could hear my intuition more clearly.
Through the years, I became more creative until it was a normal part of my day.
Then the words began to flow and as I uncovered more aspects, I wrote down my understandings, knowing that they were really only useful truths for me.
Now I am on the verge of breaking reality, then taking it and making it into whatever I desire.
Perhaps it will become disappointingly simple and even boring after a while.
Maybe my search was all a lot of ego noise about nothing and I was so blinded by my own preconceived ideas that I expected difficulties and complications, to be finally rewarded with heavenly visions and unworldly wisdom.
Now I can see that it is not like that.
It is all so simple and so easy.
It was never a secret.
There was no need for a prolonged search.
Nobody is stopping you from discovering your own truth.
You play a game with yourself because you listen to your ego.
It is no big deal to create.
It is no big deal to change your world.
After all, it is your world.
Changing it is the most natural and easy thing that we all do without thinking.
If you couldn’t do that, you would not exist.
It is as natural as breathing, as easy as walking and as essential as water.
It is no big deal to create that which you desire.
You do it all of the time.
You are a creator.
You were born from a creator, that was born from a creator, that was born from a creator…
It is natural to create.
The unnatural thing was to believe all of the crazy stories that you have heard.
They were so obviously misleading that it is embarrassing to think about how humanity is trapped in its own mind.
I am a creator.
Whatever I seek I find, for that is the nature of existence.
Your whole life has been created by you.
There are endless things that surround that you obviously thought into existence.
You are living amidst a multitude of impossible coincidences.
Look around and stop pretending it was just luck.
There is no luck involved, its simply the intensity of desire, creates the quality of reality.
Your mind will flood with memories of situations that you dreamed of and then caused to become reality.
You would have to be crazy not to look a bit closer and see the relationship between your thoughts and your reality.
You have proven it over and over all through your life.
You couldn’t even breathe if you didn’t believe in it.
You are your future, you constantly think it into being.
You are everything you have ever experienced, good and bad.
It’s so very simple, if you would just take the time to consider the obvious relationship between what you want and what you get.
Experiment with this information.
Don’t make it a stressful exercise, take it lightly and easily.
You are already successful at doing what you would love to be able to do.
The problem with most people is, that they can’t concentrate longer than it takes to flick TV channels.
If you lose focus, you lose your dreams, it’s that simple.
Feel what you want to see happen and constantly keep it in your future mind.
Don’t pollute it with doubt and negativity.
Look for it and expect to see it, that’s the way it’s always been but you forgot.
It must happen because by your very nature, you are a creator.