symbol-317Many of the symbols used in religions, ancient and modern, pertain to the 10 dimensions of reality.
The problem is that they are confused.
A symbol for the 8th. might appear along with a symbol for the 6th. and then an attempt is made to try and interpret them together.
This creates more confusion, if that’s possible.
The different layers of reality all have distinctive purposes but until now, they have not been mapped clearly.
Even though the map is only allegorical and only an interpretation of my imagination, it is a starting point for others to add detail and to adjust.
It will never be correct, it’s crazy to think that it could be, but the descriptions could be much more detailed.
Others can add that stuff, I’m simply an adventurer with a tale to tell and with a finger to point in the approximate right direction.
The foundational realities of existence are in every atom of existence.
These understandings naturally surface and appear in dreams, in art, in songs, in stories and in religions, no matter how wacky.
You cannot keep the truth hidden, it keeps rising to the light of day and flowing out into the world, no matter what forces try to suppress it.
You may as well try and stop children from playing, lovers from kissing and old people from getting wrinkles, as try and suppress the true heart of life, truly intelligent life.
Humanity has a very weak link to its infinite self.
At first, it is very hard to hear your intuition, your true heart over the constant rattle of your tinny ego.
It is very hard to find a moments peace and to think of things other than survival.
But it can be done.
Those few who are succeeding, are opening the road, clearing the weeds and making it easy for billions to follow.
Not to follow them personally, but the track they have cleared.
Nobody needs more obnoxious leaders and know-it-alls.
Once you give a little time over to your true heart, you will start remembering all sorts of strange things.
You might imagine that you are being divinely fed sacred information but that’s unlikely.
The human brain is so confined that the best it can do, is start to remember.
Direct links will come later.
Stop looking for a river when you haven’t even started a trickle yet.
It’s up to you.
You can break the chains that keep you in prison or you can hug them because they make you feel safe.
I know which I prefer.